Business Central App: Streamline Manufacturing, Distribution, and Supply Chain

Are you a Business Central user looking to enhance your operations? There is no shortage of third-party Business Central apps designed to streamline your workflow, boost efficiency, and improve overall productivity. Let’s dive into a few of these incredible solutions and see how they will benefit your business.

Advanced Inventory Count

Simplify inventory counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools. The Advanced Inventory Count app reduces count times and increases productivity with flexible count sheet generation and multi-user count entry.

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Barcode Generator PowerTool

Add 1D and 2D barcodes to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central reports. The Barcode Generator PowerTool app supports various barcode formats and enhances your documents, such as invoices and warehouse receipts, for improved data accuracy.

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Counter Sales

The Counter Sales app is a point-of-sale solution designed for parts counters, trade desks, and smaller outlet stores. This Business Central app offers a simplified order entry screen, flexible payment options, and advanced search tools for efficient sales transactions.

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A free Business Central app that enables users to attach documents to any Business Central record with a simple drag and drop. The DocXtender app allows users to drag and drop files directly into Business Central, integrating seamlessly with SharePoint for enhanced collaboration.

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Dynamic Ship

Easily add carrier integration, real-time shipping rates, package management, and shipment tracking to Business Central. The Dynamic Ship app integrates with hundreds of carriers to streamline shipping processes and reduce costs.

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Dynamic Ship Analysis

Empower Your Shipping Decisions: Unleash the Power of Dynamic Ship Analysis with our Free Power BI App. Designed for Business Central, this app offers real-time shipping metrics, cost analyses, and seamless carrier integration to optimize your shipping operations and expenses.

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Enhanced Planning Pack

Supercharge Business Central with a set of apps to optimize your processes and give you more visibility into forecasts and operations. The Enhanced Planning Pack app uses advanced algorithms and Cortana Machine Learning for precise forecasting and improved planning.

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Graphical Scheduler

Visualize each workstation, enabling managers and staff to manage production scheduling more effectively. The Graphical Scheduler app offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and flexible calendar views for easy production management.

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Import Export PowerTool

Turbocharge your data migration and management tasks with lightning-fast imports and exports, updates, and deletes. The free Import Export PowerTool app outpaces conventional tools, enabling swift and efficient data migrations for integrators, consultants, and developers.

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License Plating

Effortlessly monitor mixed items across pallets, boxes, or containers with unique LPNs for unmatched tracking precision. The License Plating app simplifies warehouse tasks and reduces manual scans with unique License Plate Numbers (LPNs).

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Drive Manufacturing Excellence with Advanced Finite Capacity Scheduling in Business Central. The MxAPS app provides optimized production schedules that maximize resource utilization and reduce human error.

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Order Fulfillment Worksheet

Optimize your order fulfillment process by focusing on in-stock orders. The Order Fulfillment Worksheet app provides real-time insights into orders ready for shipment, automating warehouse shipments and picks creation.

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Order Ship Express

The Business Central license-free shipping app for anyone shipping parcels domestically. The Order Ship Express app integrates with major carriers, provides real-time shipping rates, and offers efficient label printing, ideal for businesses of all sizes.

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PrintNode Connector PowerTool

Connect your local or network printers to Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud. The PrintNode Connector PowerTool app allows direct printing from Business Central to local or network printers, eliminating the need for PDF conversions.

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Product Configurator

Simplify creating BOMs and routing to make quote and order generation more efficient. The Product Configurator app automates the creation of production BOMs and routings, reducing manual input and increasing accuracy in sales quotes and orders.

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Quality Inspector

Streamline your quality control process to reduce rework and maximize customer satisfaction. The Quality Inspector app integrates with Business Central to automate quality inspections and reduce errors.

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Shop Floor Insight

The Shop Floor Insight app is a comprehensive MES solution for barcoded time capture and employee time management. The app uses barcode technology for accurate time tracking and efficient production management.

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Warehouse Insight

Improve warehouse accuracy and boost efficiency with mobile device and barcode integration. The Warehouse Insight app provides real-time access to inventory data and supports various barcode scanners and mobile terminals.

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WMS Express

Improve warehouse accuracy and boost efficiency with mobile device and barcode integration. The WMS Express app is a free, cloud-based warehouse management system for Business Central that supports major mobile platforms.

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Insight Works offers a wide range of Business Central apps to streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and improve overall productivity. For more information, visit Insight Works’ apps page or contact your Microsoft Partner today.