Free Import Export PowerTool Released for Business Central

Import Export PowerTool

Designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A 100% Free App from Insight Works

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Turbocharge your data migration and management tasks with lightning-fast imports & exports, updates, and deletes.

For integrators, consultants, and developers who need to migrate Dynamics 365 Business Central data, then look no further than the free Import Export PowerTool app from Insight Works. Unlike RapidStart that can take an extraordinarily long time to migrate data, Import Export PowerTool performs data imports and exports at lightning-fast speeds.

Stop waiting for data migration and start using data with the Import Export PowerTool from Insight Works.

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What people are saying…

First off, I just imported 11,182 person contacts (company contacts already imported) to a Business Central sandbox SaaS instance in 249.9 seconds. WOW! I might be able to complete my initial data load for conversion from NAV to Business Central in one day! I’ll still use Configuration Packages to do the initial load of lots of small tables as I can use one Configuration Package for multiple tables. But for ALL the rest, Power Tool will be my choice!
Ted Johnston
The Import Export PowerTool, without question, gets the job done! It is both user friendly and robust! Anyone at any skill level can use this tool to not only import quickly but effectively!
Bond Consulting Services
When importing lots of data, this is a great tool with excellent performance.
Found this because the demo talked about reservations. We were getting an error about a reservation and couldn’t find it or delete. This made it easy to delete without the support people writing a report.