Datalogic Strategic-Partner

959 Terry Street
Eugene, Oregon
United States 97402


Insight Works and Datalogic, two industry leaders, have joined forces in a strategic partnership. This unique collaboration harnesses their combined expertise to deliver unparalleled barcode scanning solutions, specifically designed for Dynamics 365 Business Central. By aligning our strengths, we are committed to revolutionizing supply chain operations, elevating data accuracy, and amplifying overall productivity, giving your business a distinct competitive edge.

As a Datalogic Platinum Partner, Insight Works ensures seamless integration of Datalogic’s state-of-the-art barcode scanning hardware, including handheld scanners and mobile computers, with its robust Dynamics 365 Business Central applications suite. These apps, such as Warehouse Insight, Dynamic Ship, and the Barcode Generator PowerTool, offer a cohesive and efficient user experience, prioritizing accuracy, scalability, and operational efficiency.

For businesses of all sizes and industries that rely on Dynamics 365 Business Central, this partnership presents a significant opportunity:

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Datalogic’s high-performance barcode scanners integrate flawlessly with Insight Works’ applications, streamlining critical processes like warehouse management, shipping, and inventory control.
  • Increased Data Accuracy: Automating data capture reduces manual entry errors, ensuring real-time, precise information flows seamlessly across the supply chain.
  • Boosted Productivity: The synergy between Datalogic’s cutting-edge hardware and Insight Works’ robust software solutions facilitates faster and more efficient workflows, allowing businesses to dedicate more resources to growth and customer satisfaction.

Insight Works and Datalogic invite businesses to explore the transformative capabilities of their integrated solutions. Discover how this partnership can revolutionize your operations, driving business success through improved efficiency and communication. Engagement in this collaborative effort is essential to achieving mutual success.

By integrating Insight Works’ advanced manufacturing and distribution applications with Datalogic’s innovative barcode scanning technology, businesses can achieve new heights of efficiency, minimize errors, and streamline operations for optimized productivity. This partnership is a prime example of how complementary technologies can deliver exceptional value to Dynamics 365 Business Central users.