Whse Ship Doc UM Enforcement

Designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Included with Warehouse Insight for no additional charge

Installation: Whse Ship Doc UM Enforcement is a free extension that is included with the Warehouse Insight app. To access the extension, install Warehouse Insight and then visit the Add-On Catalog from within Business Central.

Whse Receipt Doc Update Vendor Shipment Number: Accurate Vendor Data Entry, Streamlined Receipts.

The ‘Whse Ship Doc UM Enforcement’ feature enhances the Warehouse Insight application by introducing a new level of validation for item scans within Dynamics 365 Business Central. This update ensures that items are shipped accurately by verifying that the unit of measure (UOM) for the scanned item matches the UOM indicated on the shipping document line.


  • Increased Shipping Accuracy: Minimizes the risk of shipping errors related to UOM mismatches, leading to more reliable fulfillment processes.
  • Enhanced Data Integrity: Maintains consistency in shipping documentation by ensuring that the scanned items and their corresponding UOMs align.
  • Streamlined Shipping Operations: Reduces the need for manual checks and corrections of shipping documents, thereby streamlining operations.
  • Improved Compliance: Helps ensure that shipping practices comply with standard operating procedures and customer requirements.


  • Unit of Measure Validation: Adds a validation step during item scanning to confirm that the UOM of the barcode matches the UOM of the shipping line.
  • Scan Override: Implements an override function that activates upon scanning, ensuring that the correct UOM is enforced before proceeding with the update.
  • Error Prevention: Prevents incorrect shipping line updates, which can occur due to UOM discrepancies during item scanning.

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