Ad Hoc Move Update Place Lines

Designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Included with Warehouse Insight for no additional charge

Installation: Ad Hoc Move Update Place Lines is a free extension that is included with the Warehouse Insight app. To access the extension, install Warehouse Insight and then visit the Add-On Catalog from within Business Central.

Ad Hoc Move Update Place Lines: Efficient Bin Updates for Complete Inventory Control

The ‘Ad Hoc Move Update Place Lines’ extension for Warehouse Insight streamlines the updating of bin locations in Dynamics 365 Business Central. This feature allows for the efficient completion of bin information by automatically filling in blank place bin fields, ensuring that inventory location data is complete and current.


  • Reduces Manual Entry: Minimizes the need for manually completing each bin entry, saving time and reducing the potential for human error.
  • Completes Inventory Data: Ensures that all place bin lines are filled, which is critical for accurate inventory location tracking.
  • Enhances Workflow: Streamlines the process of updating journals, allowing warehouse staff to focus on other essential tasks.
  • Easy Installation: With automatic requirement loading, the feature is simple to implement and integrate into the current Warehouse Insight setup.


  • New ‘Update Place Bins’ Menu: Adds an option for users to fill in missing bin data on the fly, directly within the journal interface.
  • Automated Bin Update: The feature prompts users to enter a bin number, which is then used to automatically populate all blank place bin lines in the journal.
  • Seamless Override Implementation: The override for this feature is applied without disrupting existing workflows, enhancing functionality with minimal user intervention.
  • Requirement Integration: All necessary configurations are imported automatically upon installation from the Warehouse Insight Add-on Catalog.

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