Ad Hoc Move Delete Zero Quantity Lines

Designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Included with Warehouse Insight for no additional charge

Installation: Ad Hoc Move Delete Zero Quantity Lines is a free extension that is included with the Warehouse Insight app. To access the extension, install Warehouse Insight and then visit the Add-On Catalog from within Business Central.

Ad Hoc Move Delete Zero: Automating Inventory Accuracy

Introducing the ‘Ad Hoc Move Delete Zero Quantity Lines’ feature, a strategic enhancement to the Warehouse Insight application from Insight Works, tailored specifically for Dynamics 365 Business Central users. This functional addition is designed as an integral component of Warehouse Insight, requiring the base application to operate. It streamlines inventory management by providing a systematic approach to purging zero quantity lines from reclassification journals. With this upgrade, users can maintain an uncluttered and precise inventory log, ensuring that data accuracy and operational efficiency are at the forefront of warehouse operations.


  • Simplifies Journal Management: Keeps inventory journals concise and relevant by removing unnecessary entries.
  • Saves Time: Decreases the time spent by users on manual journal clean-up.
  • Enhances Accuracy: Improves the accuracy of inventory tracking by eliminating potential data entry errors associated with zero quantity lines.
  • Streamlines Processes: Allows warehouse personnel to streamline their workflow by focusing on entries that require attention.
  • Ease of Use: Users find an intuitive interface that requires minimal training to utilize the new functionality.
  • Reduces Clutter: Maintains a cleaner, more organized journal which facilitates quicker data review and decision-making.


  • ‘Find Zero Qty’ Menu: A dedicated menu option that automatically identifies and deletes all reclassification journal lines that have a zero quantity, simplifying journal maintenance.
  • Automated Integration: The feature is automatically integrated upon installation with the Warehouse Insight Add-on Catalog, requiring no additional setup.
  • Customization through App Designer: Offers users the ability to further customize their warehouse management system using the built-in App Designer for tailored functionality.
  • Data Integrity Maintenance: Regularly cleanses the inventory journal of zero quantity lines, ensuring that stock levels and reports are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduces manual data entry and line verification work, allowing warehouse staff to allocate time to more productive activities.
  • Pre-configured Requirements: All necessary requirements for the feature are included and set up when installed from the Warehouse Insight Add-on Catalog.

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