Elevating Business Central: Warehouse Insight App Upgrade v2.12

March 21, 2024

Insight Works releases Warehouse Insight v2.12, a significant upgrade to their warehouse management app, offering advanced features for unparalleled operational efficiency.

Insight Works is excited to announce the latest Warehouse Insight app upgrade, introducing Warehouse Insight v2.12, an enhancement to their premier warehouse management application. This app upgrade marks a pivotal development in how businesses can streamline their inventory and warehouse operations.

The Warehouse Insight app improves warehouse accuracy and boosts efficiency with mobile device and barcode integration. With the app’s seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Warehouse Insight has provided an unparalleled blend of mobile devices, barcoding scanning and warehouse processes. The Warehouse Insight app upgrade to v2.12 builds upon this solid foundation, introducing new features that further empower businesses to achieve operational excellence.

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Brian Neufeld, Director of Marketing at Insight Works, shares his enthusiasm for the latest Warehouse Insight app upgrade, stating, “Warehouse Insight v2.12 underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in warehouse management. This app version not only introduces exciting new features but also enhances our capability to assist businesses in optimizing their warehouse management practices. With Warehouse Insight v2.12, we are paving the way for future-ready warehouse operations where efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility are at the forefront.”

The decision to upgrade to the Warehouse Insight app from Insight Works is a strategic move towards success in the competitive field of warehouse management. Here are compelling reasons why Warehouse Insight v2.12 stands out:

  • Advanced Application Wizard: Use the Application Wizard to generate new pages and applications quickly and easily, with automatic column suggestions, item tracking capabilities, and more.
  • Expanded Application Customization: Applications can now have multiple overrides assigned, offering more flexibility and customization options.
  • Customizable Add-on Catalog Access: Developers and testers can now specify their own add-on catalog base URL, providing a tailored approach to exploring and integrating add-ons.
  • Enhanced Label Printing: The “print on quantity change option” has been extended to inventory put-aways, allowing labels to be printed at time of put-away in addition to time of receipt.
  • Flexible Item Tracking Adjustments in Inventory: Inventory put-away documents now allow changes to lot/serial/package numbers after entry, enhancing flexibility in managing receipts and put-away processes.
  • Extended Package Number Tracking: The offline Scratchpad application and Consumption application now support all Package Tracking options. Lot and Serial number lookups can include package no.’s in the view and sort criteria.

By choosing the Warehouse Insight v2.12, businesses are not just adopting an advanced warehouse management system; they are embracing a comprehensive solution designed to optimize every aspect of warehouse operations. Insight Works encourages businesses to leverage this upgrade for the next level of efficiency and control in warehouse management.

For more information on the Warehouse Insight app and how it can transform your warehouse management practices, visit WMSforDynamics.com or contact your Microsoft Partner today.

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