4.19, 29-31 Lexington Drive
Bella Vista, New South Wales
Australia 6007

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Stratus Consulting are Diamond Level accredited and experienced MYOB Australia/NZ Enterprise Partners, Wiise / Microsoft Business Central Partners and Epicor Authorized partners.

We’re a dedicated team of business, accounting and IT Consultants who are passionate about helping Australian businesses grow.

We believe that one of our team’s most important skills is that we don’t walk into a business with the idea that we already KNOW how they work. We want our clients to tell us what works for them and what they need – then we go out of our way to value add to this.

Each client that we work with, even those that provide similar services or products, do certain things uniquely. Of course, we want them to be compliant – just to limit that particular pain! – but we also understand that the companies that are our clients have built themselves from small businesses into successful companies, so they’ve done a lot of things right to get themselves to this point. These are businesses that just need our input to streamline things and help them get to the next level.

Every client relationship that we build also adds to our own skill set as we learn something new from each business. A lot of consultancy businesses out there will go into companies with the view that they will just replicate what they did last week at another business, rather than take the time to understand and respect the way that you do business. We genuinely feel invested in each of our clients – most likely because we are a local business too.