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McLean, Virginia,
United States 22102

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MorganFranklin Consulting

MorganFranklin Consulting

MorganFranklin Consulting is a distinguished management and technology consulting firm founded to address complex finance, technology, and business objectives. The firm caters to a broad range of client needs through various services, including Accounting Advisory, Risk and regulatory, Technology Enablement, Transaction Services, Strategy and transformation, Cybersecurity, and Supply Chain management. Their approach, The MorganFranklin Way™, emphasizes collaboration, transparent communication, and optimal solutions, even if unconventional. MorganFranklin Consulting prides itself on being a strategic partner, ready to address unique challenges and deliver results through effective and engaging solutions. The firm’s commitment to client success is evident in its approach to taking ownership of its work, striving for transparency, and ensuring solutions are implemented on time and within budget. With a focus on impacting clients and communities, Morgan Franklin Consulting is a critical player in the management advisory domain.