Groupe Conseil ERA

4, rue Place du Commerce, bureau 310
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3E 1J4

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Groupe conseil Era, established for nearly 20 years, is an expert in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation and eCommerce consultation. With its headquarters in Quebec, the company operates globally, offering a comprehensive range of management solutions. Their team, consisting of over 120 professionals, specializes in ERP and eCommerce business solutions. Groupe conseil Era is distinguished by its partnership approach, emphasizing strong connections between different organizational departments to help businesses achieve a unified and efficient operational structure. The company’s expertise lies in various organizational sectors, including finance, accounting, human resources, payroll, distribution, inventory management, planning, manufacturing, logistics, and eCommerce. Groupe conseil Era’s methodology, known as the “Highway Implementation Methodology,” is tailored to accommodate change and support the ambitious goals and visions of their clients. Their extensive experience and dedication to client success have enabled them to support over a hundred companies in their organizational efficiency endeavors.