Insight Works Announces Availability of Dynamic Ship Version 2.5 for Business Central

July 27, 2020

Over 40 new exciting features take integrated shipping solution to new heights including Copy Last Package, Relabel Shipments and more; support for both Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises and cloud included.

Insight Works, a leader in the manufacturing and distribution industry vertical for Dynamics 365 Business Central, has announced the availability of Dynamic Ship Version 2.5 for Business Central. The latest release includes over 40 new exciting features/tasks that take Insight Works’ integrated shipping solution to new heights, notably Copy Last Package, Relabel Shipments, Calculate Package Weight Automatically, Add Custom Information to Shipping Labels, Custom-Pack Assembly Orders, External Rate Entry, Execute Multiple Commands with a Single Scan, Automatic Customs Information and Expanded Email Templates.

Dynamic Ship, Insight Works’ integrated shipping solution product that enables users to easily add carrier integration, real-time shopping rates, package management and shipment tracking, is available for both Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises and cloud implementations.

The Copy Last Package command of Dynamic Ship Version 2.5 enables users to speed up the shipping process as it relates to packaging repetitive items. Rather than having to pack multiple boxes of the same item, the Copy Last Package command repeats the previous packaging process, saving time; additionally, the user can define how many times he or she wishes to repeat the last package.

Relabel Dynamic Ship enables users to relabel a shipment for cases when a label has been generated for a shipment but, for whatever reason, circumstances have changed – such as the customer requesting a specific carrier. Dynamic Ship allows those with the correct permissions to reprint a label.

Calculate Package Weight Automatically allows, as its namesake suggests, package weights to be calculated by measurement data stored in Business Central, or, alternatively, via the traditional weight scale measure. Add Custom Information to Shipping Labels, meanwhile, is a task that allows Dynamic Ship users to add customized information that can be done for a specific customer or applied to all shipping labels; such custom information can include PO number, license plate number, sales order number and more.

Custom-Pack Assembly Orders enables Dynamic Ship users to package and ship individual assembly items rather than just the assembled item, while External Rate Entry permits configuration of external rates within Dynamic Ship – for example, LTL rates – in addition to using contracted carrier rates via API.

Execute Commands with a Single Scan is a task within Dynamic Ship 2.5 that saves users time when the same items are shipped in the same manner on a regular basis, by way of scanning once to execute multiple commands. A user can, for example, scan once to define the type of packaging, package all the items and then receive a label.

Automatically Create Customs Information allows for the automatic generation of customs information when a shipping label is created, and Expanded Email Templates rounds out the feature/task set of Dynamic Ship 2.5 by bringing an improved email template for use when shipping information is sent to customers; companies can include dynamic values such as sales rep information, and can even include various reports (HTML is also supported).

“We are inviting everyone to see ‘what’s new’ with Dynamic Ship – including Version 2.5 – during our August 6 webinar, scheduled to be held from 11 am to 12 pm MDT,” says Brian Neufeld, Director of Marketing for Insight Works. “With this latest release boasting over 40 new features, Dynamic Ship is being taken to new plateaus, and we’re excited to be sharing this with our valued customer base.”

Details about the upcoming Dynamic Ship 2.5 webinar can be found here. Learn more at or visit Microsoft AppSource.

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