Easily Manage your HazMat Shipping Data with the New Business Central App from Insight Works

June 28, 2022

The HazMat Data Manager app from Insight Works is designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and helps companies manage their data and comply with regulations when shipping hazardous materials.

Insight Works, a leader in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central apps for manufacturing and distribution, announced the release of their new HazMat Data Manager app for Dynamics 365 Business Central. The HazMat Data Manager app is designed to help companies manage their data and comply with regulations.

When shipping hazardous materials, it is important to ensure that all relevant safety regulations are followed. Failure to do so can result in serious accidents and even fatalities. This is where the HazMat Data Manager app from Insight Works can help.

Hazardous materials must be properly packaged and labeled to ensure that they are transported safely. Label creation requires accurate data about each classification of hazardous materials. The HazMat Data Manager app offers a variety of features, including:

  • Managing hazardous material information cards within Business Central.
  • Storing associated hazmat information for a specific classification, including the UN number, DOT class, regulation level codes, packaging information, and other details.
  • Ability to assign codes to manufactured goods or inventory items to comply with industry regulations.
  • Generating WHMIS labels containing important safety information including all required information, like the product name, associated pictograms, safe handling precautions, reference to SDS, and other relevant information.
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, making it easy to track and manage hazmat data within the same system as other business data.

The HazMat Data Manager app will help companies track hazmat data and ensure that they are compliant with relevant regulations.

“The HazMat Data Manager app is an important tool for ensuring compliance with hazardous material regulations,” says Brian Neufeld, Director of Marketing for Insight Works. “The penalties for shipping hazardous materials without properly labeling them can be severe. Companies can face fines and even imprisonment for violating safety regulations. It is therefore important to take care when packaging and labeling hazardous materials, and to use a tool like the HazMat Data Manager app from Insight Works to ensure compliance.”

For more information about the HazMat Data Manager app, reach out to your Microsoft Partner or visit the Insight Works website at https://www.dmsiworks.com.

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