Zebra OneCare 3 Year Service Agreement for ZD621

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Maximize Your Investment: The Power of Zebra OneCare

When choosing Zebra mobile computers, it’s beneficial to pair your investment with the Zebra OneCare Essential and Select Maintenance Plans. These extended service agreements, offered directly by the manufacturer, are designed to keep your technology running smoothly while you focus on running your business.

Here are the compelling reasons to opt for Zebra OneCare Maintenance Plans:

  • Beyond Warranty Protection: Zebra OneCare goes beyond the basic warranty, offering comprehensive, preventative care for your devices. This includes 8×5 live-agent phone support, three-day repair turnarounds, and important software and security updates.
  • Customizable Support: Zebra OneCare offers a portfolio of customizable plans to fit your needs, budget, and urgency. With options like the Essential Plan for core support and the Select Plan for next-level support and advanced replacement, you can tailor your maintenance plan to your specific requirements.
  • Cloud-Based Visibility: With the VisibilityIQ OneCare cloud-based service, you gain insight into repair reports and more. This increases transparency and helps you stay updated on the status and health of your devices.
  • Extended Coverage: Zebra OneCare goes beyond basic hardware warranties, covering normal wear and tear, comprehensive and accidental damage. From cracked displays to worn out printheads or damaged platen rollers, Zebra has got you covered.
  • Expert Service and Support: Who better to service your Zebra devices than the people who built them? Trust Zebra’s knowledgeable technical support team to handle your hardware repairs and software support needs, ensuring your devices are always up to spec.
  • Software and Security Updates: Zebra OneCare gives you access to the latest software value adds and LifeGuard for Android updates, key to extending the life of your devices. Maintain your security posture with these regular updates.
  • Android Security Beyond Standard Support: Extend the security of your Zebra Android devices beyond Google’s typical three-year security support. With Zebra OneCare, your devices have ongoing security support, preventing costly security risks.

Investing in Zebra OneCare Maintenance Plans is more than an additional cost—it’s a strategy to secure the optimal utilization and longevity of your Zebra mobile computer.

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