Datalogic Ease of Care for Memor 10 5 Year Comprehensive

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Maximize Your Investment: The Power of Datalogic’s Ease of Care

When you invest in Datalogic mobile computers, it’s wise to consider the additional security and peace of mind that comes with Datalogic’s Ease of Care Service Program. This service program, offered directly by the manufacturer, is tailored to meet your needs and expectations, ensuring your device gets the best care from those who know it best.

Here are the compelling reasons to opt for Datalogic’s Ease of Care Service Program:

  • Out-of-the-Box Coverage: The Ease of Care Service Program can be ordered alongside the product, ensuring immediate coverage and eliminating any time wasted on product registration or subsequent order processing.
  • Accessible Support and Maintenance: Gain easy access to Datalogic’s Support Team and their convenient online RMA web service for managing and processing returns.
  • Minimized Downtime: With the Overnight Replacement Comprehensive program, you get ‘next business day product replacement,’ significantly reducing any downtime.
  • Serial Number Integrity: The 2-day Comprehensive program offers quick repair turnaround time of the same unit, maintaining serial number integrity vital for asset tracking. This plan also covers accidental breakage.
  • Customizable Coverage: Upgrade your product’s embedded warranty coverage, turnaround time, and length with the 5-day program. You can also opt for on-site system training and preventative maintenance as additional services.
  • Economical Multi-Year Plans: Manage your expenses effectively by purchasing multiple years of service programs at very affordable prices.
  • End-to-End Management by Datalogic: The Ease of Care Service Programs are managed by Datalogic, the same company that designed and manufactured your products. This ensures your investment gets the best possible care and protection.

Investing in the Datalogic Ease of Care Service Program isn’t merely an extra cost—it’s a strategic decision to ensure the long-term productivity and efficiency of your Datalogic mobile computer.

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