WMS App Designer for Dynamics 365 Business Central

WMS App Designer for Dynamics 365 Business Central

WMS App Designer for Dynamics 365 Business Central: Power to Design Your Warehouse Workflow

Enter a new era of warehouse management with the WMS App Designer for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Seamlessly integrated within Warehouse Insight, this intuitive tool empowers you to adapt WMS applications with a drag-and-drop design powered by Microsoft MakeCode, for simplicity and adaptability.

Construct sophisticated applications or launch straightforward processes utilizing a diverse set of block types. Respond swiftly to user actions, trigger new interactions, or smooth the flow of application processes. Designed for users without technical backgrounds, the WMS App Designer equips you to reshape your warehouse management, heightening efficiency and optimizing workflow. Embrace the next generation of warehouse management with WMS App Designer for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Warehouse Insight’s App Designer is a versatile tool for crafting custom, operation-specific apps for warehouse functions. Here are examples of possible applications:

  • Inventory Management App: Allows workers to oversee real-time inventory via features like barcode scanning and item tracking.
  • Order Fulfillment App: Streamlines order processing by guiding workers to item locations and updating order statuses.
  • Asset Tracking App: Tracks warehouse assets’ location and status, optimizing usage and enabling timely maintenance.
  • Quality Control App: Guides inspections, facilitates results input, image capture, and flags potential issues.
  • Shipping and Receiving App: Manages all shipping and receiving aspects, including item scanning, order packing, and shipment records.
  • Safety and Compliance App: Ensures quick access to safety procedures, compliance regulations, and training materials.

With the Application Designer, your potential to create apps is bounded only by your business needs and creativity. Customize each application to optimize your unique workflows and boost efficiency.

WMS App Designer: Enhance Customization and User Creativity

  • Inclusive in Warehouse Insight App: As an integral part of the Warehouse Insight app, WMS App Designer is included automatically upon installation of Warehouse Insight. It ensures users have immediate access to the toolset for customization.
  • Microsoft MakeCode Integration: WMS App Designer utilizes Microsoft MakeCode, an engaging and approachable programming framework. This integration allows users to interactively create applications by dragging and arranging blocks onto the editor workspace.
  • Variety of Block Types: The system offers diverse block types, including event, interaction, action, context, variable, and logic blocks. Users can arrange and configure these blocks to create the desired application.
  • Flexible Application Design: The Designer interface has a pre-set number of blocks, each fulfilling a specific role or responding to a pre-defined event in the system. Depending on user needs, these blocks can respond to user actions, initiate user actions, or facilitate the application flow.
  • Interactive Customization: The tool encourages interactive customization by allowing users to perform tasks or trigger events such as barcode scanning, quantity request, and data transmission to and from Business Central.
  • Non-Technical User Accessibility: WMS App Designer’s design allows it to be accessible to non-technical users, allowing them to build or modify WMS applications to match their processes. It makes it a powerful tool for businesses aiming to tailor their warehouse management systems to their unique needs.

Harness the Power of Simplicity with WMS App Designer

The WMS App Designer stands as a testament to the power of user-friendly design, effortlessly blending functionality with simplicity.

  • User-Friendly Design: Effortlessly blends functionality with simplicity
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Enables easy creation and extension of applications
  • Accessibility Focus: Designed with inclusivity in mind for all users

By simplifying the visualization of complex applications and intricate business logic, WMS App Designer transforms warehouse operations, making it a critical tool for any modern warehouse setup. Discover the power of simplicity and start your journey towards streamlined and efficient warehouse management today with WMS App Designer. And add a bullet list in the middle to incorporate it.

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