Order Management System (OMS) for Business Central

Order Management System (OMS) for Business Central

Streamlining Order Fulfillment: Fast, Precise, Efficient

Upgrade your Order Management System (OMS) with the Order Fulfillment Worksheet app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Enjoy real-time tracking, intelligent inventory allocation, and swift pick generation for streamlined order dispatch.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central acts as the core for your Order Management System (OMS), managing crucial business and order processes. The Order Fulfillment Worksheet app by Insight Works integrates with Business Central, providing advanced features for an optimized fulfillment process, enhancing efficiency for various supply chain roles. Below are the key capabilities of Business Central and the additional benefits offered by the Order Fulfillment Worksheet app.


  1. Business Central:

    • Foundation: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (often referred to as Business Central) serves as the core foundation for the Order Management System (OMS). As an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Business Central is designed to manage business operations such as finance, sales, services, and operations.
    • Order Management Capabilities: Business Central inherently offers functionalities for order processing, including order creation, invoicing, tracking, and more. It can handle the entire lifecycle of an order, from order creation to fulfillment and beyond.
    • Integration with the Microsoft Ecosystem: Business Central integrates well with other Microsoft tools and platforms, offering a comprehensive solution that can extend beyond just order management. This makes it a central hub for a variety of business processes.
  2. Order Fulfillment Worksheet App from Insight Works:

    • Optimized Fulfillment: While Business Central provides basic order management functionalities, the Order Fulfillment Worksheet app optimizes the order fulfillment process, particularly for in-stock orders. It automates and streamlines various steps of the fulfillment process.
    • Enhanced Features:
      • Real-time Order Tracking
      • Inventory Allocation
      • Automated Pick Generation
      • Backorder Management
      • Smart Order Prioritization
      • Carrier Service Grouping
      • Warehouse Movement Guidance, and more.
    • User-Focused Functionalities: The app offers specific tools and insights catered to different roles in a warehouse or supply chain setting – from Warehouse Managers and Order Fulfillment Specialists to Inventory Controllers and Logistics Coordinators. These functionalities make the order fulfillment process more intuitive and efficient for these users.
    • Competitive Edge: The Order Fulfillment Worksheet app offers capabilities that are distinct from the standard functionalities of Business Central. For example, while Business Central might offer basic inventory and order management, the app provides a more detailed insight into specific order lines, inventory allocation, and potential fulfillment hindrances.

In the context of an Order Management System (OMS):

  • Business Central functions as the backbone, handling core order management processes, inventory tracking, financials, and more.
  • Order Fulfillment Worksheet serves as an enhancement tool that layers on top of Business Central to provide advanced functionalities specifically designed for optimized order fulfillment.

In essence, while Business Central provides a broad framework for managing business operations, including order management, the Order Fulfillment Worksheet from Insight Works zooms in on the fulfillment process, refining and enhancing the capabilities specifically for warehouse and fulfillment operations. Together, they create a comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly OMS.

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