Material Requirements Planning (MRP) for Business Central

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) for Business Central

Empower Your MRP: Achieve Precision Planning and Intelligent Forecasting

Enhance your Material Requirements Planning (MRP) with the Enhanced Planning Pack app from Insight Works. Integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the app optimizes MRP processes, offering extended forecasting, inventory management, and machine learning insights for accurate, efficient planning at the item level, all within a streamlined interface.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central serves as a robust platform for various business processes, including foundational Material Requirements Planning (MRP) functions. The Enhanced Planning Pack app augments Business Central’s capabilities, offering advanced tools for detailed forecasting, dynamic inventory management, and streamlined planning essential for efficient MRP. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution that seamlessly optimizes inventory and production planning for businesses.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Base Platform: Serves as the core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Business Central assists in managing finances, operations, sales, and customer service, providing a solid base for small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Native Features: It has inherent capabilities to support MRP, offering basic functionality to handle forecasting, inventory management, and production planning, among other tasks.

Enhanced Planning Pack App:

  • Augmentation: This pack is a set of applications designed to enhance and optimize the planning processes within Business Central, providing a more advanced and integrated solution for MRP.
  • Extended Forecasting: Offers detailed forecasts for specific items, categories, or locations based on historical sales data. It can process sales history data using Microsoft’s Cortana machine learning model for accurate forecasting.
  • Improved Inventory Management: Automates the calculation and update of key inventory management values like safety stock, reorder point, maximum inventory, and reorder quantity based on user-defined formulas.
  • Item Planning Review: Provides a concise summary of supply and demand, and allows for visibility across multiple locations for better inventory management. It also facilitates vendor planning and gives visual and detailed views of sales and purchase history.
  • Enhanced Worksheet Features: It integrates features like Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet, Enhanced Planning Worksheet, Multi-Level BOM Viewer, and Routing Analysis that provide advanced functionalities for reviewing planning parameters, analyzing Bill of Materials (BOM), and comparing actual and expected runtimes and setup times.

In MRP Context:

  • Forecasting: The Enhanced Planning Pack takes forecasting a step further than Business Central by integrating with advanced machine learning models, providing precise and actionable forecasts.
  • Inventory Planning: While Business Central provides basic inventory planning features, the pack automates key calculations and updates related to inventory management, allowing for a more dynamic response to demand fluctuations.
  • Production Planning: Both Business Central and the Planning Pack assist in production planning, but the latter offers advanced features like a multi-level BOM viewer and routing analysis tools, providing more depth in planning and analysis for manufacturing processes.

In the context of MRP, Business Central provides foundational support, while the Enhanced Planning Pack from Insight Works serves as a powerful supplement that offers advanced tools and features for efficient and effective material requirements planning. The combination allows businesses to not only meet their basic MRP needs but also leverage enhanced functionalities for more informed decision-making and optimized operational planning.

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