What are the differences between an on-premises deployment and Business Central Online?

There are several notable differences between deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises and using the online version.

What are the differences between an on-premises deployment and Business Central Online?
  • Infrastructure and Management: The on-premises version requires you to manage your own server infrastructure and perform your own upgrades, backups, and system maintenance. In contrast, the online version is hosted on Microsoft’s cloud, eliminating the need for your IT team to handle physical servers or directly manage the database software.
  • Setup and Customization: On-premises deployments offer more flexibility in terms of customization and integration. You can modify the system more deeply and integrate with other on-premises applications. Microsoft updates the online version regularly, providing new features and improvements without manual intervention but with limited customization relative to the on-premises version.
  • Cost Implications: The initial cost of setting up an on-premises deployment can be higher due to the need for hardware and software licenses. The online version typically operates on a subscription model, which may have a lower initial cost but will be an ongoing operational expense.
  • Data Control and Security: With an on-premises deployment, you have complete control over your data and security, which can be crucial for companies with specific regulatory or data residency requirements. The online version benefits from Microsoft’s robust security measures, but data is stored in the cloud, which might only be suitable for some businesses depending on their compliance needs.
  • Accessibility and Updates: Business Central Online offers the advantage of being accessible from anywhere, which is conducive to remote work scenarios. It also ensures you always use the latest software version, as updates are managed by Microsoft and rolled out automatically. On-premises installations require manual updates and are only accessible internally unless additional remote design solutions are set up.

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