How frequently does Business Central receive updates?

Business Central undergoes major updates twice a year, typically in April and October, introducing significant new features and capabilities. Minor updates occur monthly, providing smaller feature additions and routine fixes. Administrators have the option to schedule updates within a specific window to minimize disruptions, but if not scheduled, updates will automatically occur within the defined period.

How frequently does Business Central receive updates

Benefits for Users:

  1. Access to Latest Features:
    • Regular updates ensure access to the latest features, enhancing productivity and functionality.
    • Includes new integrations, improved user interfaces, and additional automation capabilities.
  2. Improved Security:
    • Monthly updates with critical security patches to protect against vulnerabilities.
    • Enhanced data protection and compliance with industry standards.
  3. Enhanced Performance:
    • Regular performance improvements for faster processing times and efficient operations.
    • Reduces downtime and enhances system reliability.
  4. Bug Fixes and Stability:
    • Regular updates address bugs, improving stability and reliability.
    • Ensures a smoother and more consistent user experience.
  5. Customization and Flexibility:
    • New features often include customization options for specific business needs.
    • Flexible update scheduling to minimize operational disruptions.