Unlocking AI Capabilities in Dynamics 365 Business Central with Insight Works

June 26, 2024

1:00 pm


2:00 pm

EST (North America)


Webinar Abstract

Join us for a practical, informative webinar for Dynamics 365 Business Central users, integrators, and consultants. We will explore how users using apps from Insight Works can leverage advanced AI in practical applications to improve internal efficiencies, enhance product capabilities, and transform business processes in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

  • Understanding AI in Business Central: Discover how AI enhances real-world Business Central extensions for manufacturing and distribution operations scenarios.
  • AI in Action: Explore how AI enhances existing product capabilities and creates entirely new, practical solutions.
  • Impact of AI: Grasp the tangible benefits AI can bring to your work. Understand how AI in Insight Works products significantly enhances product capabilities, boosts developer efficiency, and accelerates deployment speed.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the practical applications of AI in Business Central. Register now to secure your spot and stay informed about the latest developments. We look forward to your participation in the webinar.



Mark Hamblin

Senior Solution Advisor

Mark Hamblin is a Senior Solution Advisor at Insight Works, a leading ISV renowned for its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central applications. With roots in Canada and branches globally, Insight Works focuses on enhancing efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

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