BC TechDays 2024

Thank you for your interest, but this event has concluded.

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About BC TechDays 2024

Discover. Connect. Achieve.

BC TechDays 2024 welcomes you to the historic and vibrant city of Antwerp, Belgium, for a groundbreaking convergence in the world of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV.

Why Attend?

  • Technical Mastery: Immerse yourself in two days of highly relevant, technical-only sessions, led by some of the foremost experts in Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Global Networking: Connect with a diverse group of professionals – developers, IT managers, and technical decision-makers from over 45 countries.
  • Antwerp’s Allure: Experience the charm of Antwerp, a city renowned for its rich history, cultural diversity, and its status as the world’s leading diamond city.

Event Highlights

  • Exclusive Focus: Choose from an array of sessions dedicated exclusively to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV, tailored to elevate your technical expertise.
  • Community Synergy: Engage with the community, forge lasting partnerships, and gain insights from success stories and innovative projects.

Step into BC TechDays 2024 in Antwerp – where technology, history, and international collaboration create a unique platform for professional growth and technological advancement.

Conference Details

BC TechDays 2024

Start Date

June 13, 2024

End Date

June 14, 2024


Kinepolis Event Center
Groenendaallaan 394 Antwerp Belgium 2030