2Ship LTL Parcel for Dynamics 365 Business Central

2Ship LTL Parcel for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Streamlined, Efficient, and Comprehensive: 2Ship LTL Parcel for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Harness the power of 2Ship LTL Parcel for Dynamics 365 Business Central. With over 300 supported carriers, real-time rate shopping, and end-to-end tracking, streamline your shipping process and deliver excellence. Visit the 2Ship.com website to learn more. The Dynamic Ship app is also required.

2Ship LTL Parcel for Dynamics 365 Business Central is a powerful connector that integrates seamlessly with the 2Ship.com API. It offers businesses the ability to handle all aspects of LTL and parcel shipping within Business Central, eliminating the need for multiple platforms. With extensive carrier support, real-time rate shopping, package management, and more, 2Ship LTL Parcel sets the standard for efficient shipping solutions.


2Ship LTL Parcel: Streamlining Your Shipping Process

  • Integration with 2Ship.com API: The 2Ship LTL Parcel app directly connects with the 2Ship.com API, providing seamless access to various LTL and parcel carriers.
  • Access to Over 300 LTL and Parcel Carriers: Supported and maintained by the 2Ship.com API, the integration offers extensive options for shipping.
  • Real-Time Rate Shopping: Enables users to compare costs from multiple carriers in real-time, helping to find the best rates.
  • Package Management Using Barcodes: Facilitates package handling by using barcode scanners, managing details like types of packaging, goods, and quantities.
  • Print Shipping Labels & BOL Documents: Automatic generation of essential shipping documents, directly from Business Central.
  • Comprehensive Shipping Details Management: Includes handling blanket service, reefer requirements, power tailgate services, white-glove service, delivery specifics, etc.
  • Scheduled Pickup & Delivery: Manage precise timing for the pickup and delivery of shipments.
  • Tracking from Pickup to Delivery: Full visibility into the shipment process, with details on potential claim backs for late or non-delivered shipments.
  • Consolidated Shipping Options: Ability to combine individual LTL shipments into one full container shipment.
  • Automated Hazardous Material Management: Manages details related to shipping hazardous goods within Business Central, without needing third-party applications. For those who deal with many hazardous materials, you’ll want to check out the HazMat Data Manager app from Insight Works for Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Instant Visibility into LTL Outbound Shipments: Offers real-time tracking history and current shipment status, with automatic logging of delivery details.

Integrated Shipping Solutions: Streamlining Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Scalability

  • Efficiency: Integration with 2Ship.com reduces the need to jump between multiple platforms, centralizing shipping management within Business Central.
  • Cost Savings: Real-time rate shopping allows businesses to choose the most cost-effective shipping options, potentially lowering overall shipping expenses.
  • Flexibility: Supporting over 300 LTL and parcel carriers provides diverse options to meet varying shipping needs.
  • Streamlined Processes: Barcode scanning and package management simplification can speed up shipping processes, reducing manual input and error.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Comprehensive tracking capabilities and automated document management provide improved transparency and customer service.
  • Compliance Support: Managing hazardous materials and providing necessary documentation supports adherence to regulatory compliance.
  • Scalability: The integration can adapt to different business sizes and shipping needs.

2Ship LTL Parcel’s integration with 2Ship.com offers a robust solution to businesses, addressing a wide range of shipping needs. It leverages technology to streamline and automate various shipping processes, which can contribute to improved efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

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