Warehousing & Inventory Educational Video Series

Out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 Business Central offers many options when it comes to managing warehousing and inventory. If you find this all a little too overwhelming then you’ll want to check out the educational series webcasts from Insight Works.

These webcasts explain the ins and outs of Business Central as it relates to warehousing, inventory replenishment tools, and supply planning. The webcasts focus solely on base-Business Central without the use of third-party add-ons.

Videos range from 45 minutes to one hour in length and are presented by Mark Hamblin. You can see and hear Mark explain these topics clearly and concisely. Check out the videos and be sure to subscribe to the Insight Works YouTube channel for more video content.

How to Decide What Level of Warehousing to Implement?

Dynamics 365 Business Central isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, rather, Business Central provides numerous configuration options to enable warehouses and supply chains to manage their specific processes. What is Business Central capable of when it comes to warehouse configurations? Watch this video and you’ll be presented with a detailed overview of warehouse configuration options and approaches in Business Central.
Length: 44 min 34 sec

Using Business Central’s Automated Inventory Replenishment Tools

Companies can leverage Dynamics 365 Business Central for automated replenishment but don’t necessarily understand the full range of configuration options and capabilities it offers. Watch this video as we deep dive into the configuration and usage of planning tools in Business Central. We will review best practices for setting up item planning parameters, understand the differences between the Planning Worksheet and Requisition Worksheet, and understand how to avoid and correct common pitfalls in MRP. The video will also cover the difference between the Essential and Premium licensing models.
Length: 1 hr 00 min 45 sec

Supply Planning in the BC/NAV Warehouse

There’s always room to further improve and streamline your warehouse inventory management. We’ll step through recommended inventory count best practices, how to use and benefit from the replenishment worksheet, and how to use and benefit from using the bulk area, movements, putaways, and the receiving dock with BC/NAV.
Length: 1 hr 01 min 08 sec