Using Dynamics 365 Business Central in the Cloud: One Year Later

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but April 2 marks the one-year anniversary recognizing Microsoft’s launch of Dynamics 365 Business Central, including its pivotal ‘Business Central in the Cloud’ aspect. This addition to the Dynamics portfolio offered a new option for small-to-medium-sized businesses, allowing them to benefit from a management solution boasting a formidable range of functionalities designed to meet their day-to-day demands.

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that it’s also been a year since people began using Business Central in the cloud – indeed, amidst all the “sky is falling!” rhetoric we’ve been digesting as of late, whether it be with regard to political, technological or environmental agendas, the world didn’t end because certain sectors moved to cloud-based platforms. In fact, the world got better in many respects…and that includes the decisions many companies like Insight Works made to more efficiently serve their clients.

Let’s go over some basics first. Thanks to the magic of this fully cloud-based solution, Business Central, easy access to features is available anywhere via a user-friendly interface, one that’s designed to improve user productivity and data visibility. Put simply, divisions such as finance, operations, sales and customer service can all be managed from the same intuitive solution, eradicating the silos between various departments while helping increase the synergy across an entire organization.

Dynamics 365 Business Central, by streamlining processes, ensuring easy access to data and supporting long-term business growth, improves productivity and offers enhanced visibility into the performance of a company. With an impressive array of business intelligence applications at a business’ disposal to visualize, analyze and manipulate data when using Business Central, organizations such as Insight Works have been evolving right alongside the management solution, offering apps and other services to take its benefits to new heights.

For its part, Insight Works has made tireless strides to support Business Central, notably through apps available on Microsoft AppSource, including:

  • Warehouse Insight – With Warehouse Insight, warehouse accuracy is improved and efficiency is boosted with mobile devices and barcode integration. This product streamlines Business Central’s inventory and warehouse functionality to provide intuitive warehousing tools for inventory counts, shipping, receiving, picks, putaways, bin management and more. In performing all inventory and management operations from handheld devices, Warehouse Insight supports a wide range of hardware, boasts support for Windows and Android, includes a built-in app designer and even offers a license plate add-on. View Warehouse Insight on AppSource.
  • Dynamic Ship – Streamline tedious and error-prone shipping tasks and get real-time rates with Dynamic Ship, an intuitive tool for shop floor employees who will reduce manual entry errors by scanning packages directly into Dynamics 365 Business Central. Other benefits include lower shipping costs, detailed packaged management, enhanced accuracy with regard to shipping fees based on actual package dimensions and much more. View Dynamic Ship on AppSource.
  • Canadian Payroll – This complete payroll solution is easy to set up and use, making it perfect for anyone responsible for payroll runs and who wants to simplify the process. The product helps pay and manage hourly and salary-based employees and seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central – without the need to involve a tech support staff. View Canadian Payroll on AppSource.
  • Product Configurator – Ideal for companies that make-to-order or assemble-to-order, Product Configurator renders quote and order generation in a more streamlined manner, saving users significant time when quoting or designing products. What’s more, manual input efforts are reduced and efficiency is improved while the accuracy of sales quotes and orders is increased – simplifying the ordering and quote process for the staff. View Product Configurator on AppSource.
  • License Plating – No, this isn’t referring to the rectangular-shaped piece of aluminum that hangs on the front and back of vehicles. With License Plating from Insight Works, entire pallets, boxes or containers of mixed items are easily tracked, and this includes mixed lot/serial numbers. This add-on for Business Central complements Warehouse Insight by enabling users to combine multiple warehouse items into one license plate number (LPN or master barcode) for simplified transaction management. View License Plating on AppSource.
  • Advanced Inventory Count – Why should physical inventory counts be more difficult than they already are? Advanced Inventory Count simplifies counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting and analysis tools so the warehousing staff ensures all inventory is accurately accounted for. View Advanced Inventory Count on AppSource.
    Barcode Generator PowerTool Barcode Generator PowerTool makes it possible to add linear (Code39) or 2D (Data Matrix) barcodes to reports in Business Central, ultimately enabling the modification of existing reports like invoices, order confirmations and production orders to include barcodes. What’s more, with both 1D Code39 and 2D Data Matrix codes being supported, integrating with existing hardware and third-party applications is seamless. View Barcode Generator PowerTool on AppSource.

In addition to these intuitive solutions that are taking Business Central to new heights, Insight Works is planning on offering its Shop Floor Insight, a comprehensive solution for barcoded time capture, time and attendance and employee time management, as an app on Microsoft AppSource in the near future.