Upgraded Product Configurator for Business Central

We here at Insight Works recently changed the name of our NAV Sales Configurator to the upgraded Product Configurator, but the most important part of this change isn’t how we refer to the lightweight add-on for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (formerly known as NAV) – it’s that we have expanded its capabilities to make life much easier for manufacturers.

Before we dive into the specifics of Product Configurator’s capabilities expansion, let’s cover some basics about the add-on itself. With Insight Works’ Product Configurator, endlessly searching for part numbers is a thing of the past, as this highly intuitive tool significantly simplifies Bill of Materials (BOMs) and Routings production (or assembly BOMs) to make quote and order generation more efficient.

Here’s what the updated Product Configurator brings to the manufacturing table:

  • Ideal solution for Make-to-Order or Assemble-to-Order organizations
  • Support for thousands of options
  • Non-invasive install means you won’t compromise your Business Central infrastructure
  • Automatic generation of assembly and production BOMs from sales orders and quotes
  • An affordable solution for businesses of all sizes
  • Significant time-savings using pre-configured items
  • Reduced manual input and improved efficiency and accuracy with regard to sales quotes and orders
  • Simplification of the ordering and quote processes for staff

Create Rules Based on Product Choices and Options via Product Configurator’s New Feature

Here’s where things get interesting for Product Configurator users: The expansion of the add-on’s capabilities, which is the primary focus of this Insight Works article.

Three capabilities define the Product Configurator extension, encompassing:

  • Easy Configuration of Rules – Now, Product Configurator lets users set “combination rules” for specific products; for example: If a specific style of handlebars is selected when building a bicycle, then a specific lamp will be included while, say, the upgraded pedals will be excluded.
  • Application of Multipliers – In the area of bulk material usage, “multipliers” can now be used to ensure automatically-generated BOMs include waste and trim material; for example: A window frame may require an additional 10-percent of frame material for production purposes, which will be cut and trimmed for the final product.
  • Sophisticated Rules Building – Require additional sophisticated rules not supported by the user interface? Product Configurator now includes an API that is configured with the C/AL Editor, and these rules can be executed without a developer license, allowing end users to create “scripts” for rules.

Product Configurator is available for Business Central On-Prem and will be available soon on Microsoft AppSource for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

By turning to Insight Works in order to help you implement Product Configurator for your needs, you’ll be seamlessly integrated with Business Central while experiencing simple installation and an affordable solution. Contact your Microsoft Partner of reach out to Insight Works to learn more.