Unveiling Product Configurator v3.8: Next-Level Efficiency for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users, Insight Works has released the latest iteration of the Product Configurator v3.8. Before diving into the fresh updates, let’s revisit the foundational purpose of this add-on and its distinctive feature: the Advanced Rule Builder. 

Understanding Product Configurator 

The Product Configurator app from Insight Works is designed to simplify the configuration process for sales personnel and production planners. It addresses the time-consuming challenges of identifying the correct part number for quotes or setting up new assembly or production items. Whether dealing with simple products or intricate configurations, the Product Configurator is a reliable assistant. 

The Advanced Rule Builder: A Noteworthy Mention 

While the Advanced Rule Builder isn’t new to version v3.8, it’s worth spotlighting due to its pivotal role in the Product Configurator’s success. This feature enables users to define and implement specific configuration rules, ensuring compatibility and coherence in product combinations. The Advanced Rule Builder reinforces efficiency and accuracy by preventing incompatible configurations and guiding users toward optimal choices. 

Addressing User Challenges 

With a focus on minimizing manual data entry and enhancing accuracy, the Product Configurator seeks to address: 

  • Efficiency in Data Entry: It streamlines the process to reduce manual entries. 
  • Order Accuracy: Automation and guided configurations lead to fewer errors. 

New Features in v3.8 

Version v3.8 offers several enhancements: 

  1. Expanded Copy Features: Users can copy Option Choice Comments and Smart Item No. Configurations, enhancing configuration replication. 
  1. Refined BOM Designer Logic: This leads to more prompt and precise validations. The Test Item Number action’s logic now also accounts for hidden options. 
  1. Advanced Weight Management: 
  • Automatic Weight Defaults: Newly added Option Choices will now have Net and Gross Weight default values.
  • Comprehensive Weighting System: Weights from sub-configurations are now integrated into the parent configuration totals.
  1. Detailed Configured Items Overview: A new Configured Items page provides an in-depth view of items when they’re modified or created. 

Benefits of v3.8 

With these features, v3.8 offers: 

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The features are geared towards reducing manual steps. 
  • Improved Accuracy: Intelligent features help reduce manual errors. 
  • Centralized Configuration Overview: Users can gain a holistic view from the Configured Items page. 

Product Configurator v3.8, with its Advanced Rule Builder and new updates, provides a robust set of tools to simplify the configuration process in Dynamics 365 Business Central. To take advantage of the latest features, reach out to your Microsoft Partner or www.CPQforDynamics.com