Tracking Production and Consumption Serial Numbers in Business Central

Inventory tracking is an essential part of any operation dealing with the sale of goods. Often inventory tracking will involve serial numbers to help identify the age of a product, specific components, origins, traceability, and other factors. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP that, among many things, helps to optimize inventory and supply chain management. Understanding the importance of tracking production and consumption serial numbers in supply chain management is pivotal in enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of inventory systems.

Business Central enables companies to track a single serial number associated with a product. For those in manufacturing or are assembling products, tracking a single serial number may be limiting. What if you have sub-components with serial numbers that are part of an overall product? How do you track the serial numbers of components within a finished good with its own assigned serial number?

Advanced Consumption in Business Central

Currently, there is no native way to handle a multiple-serial number scenario within Business Central. However, there are apps available that do add this functionality to Business Central. One such app is Warehouse Insight from Insight Works. Warehouse Insight is an app for Business Central that provides warehouse and production employees full access to Business Central via barcode scanners and hand-held computers. Among the app’s many features is the ability to record consumption with serial numbers.

How Does it Work?

With Warehouse Insight, users select a specific item with an assigned production serial number and then scan the components that make up the item to record the consumption serial numbers. For example, say you’re assembling a desktop computer. The computer itself will be assigned a production serial number. Using the Warehouse Insight app, users can select a specific computer within a production order and scan the individual components such as the hard drive, graphics card, memory, CPU, and other pieces. Every sub-component’s serial number is then associated with the production serial number.

Tracking Serial Numbers in Business Central

Tracking Consumption

Warehouse Insight includes a consumption entry journal that lets Business Central users view specific consumption items associated with a production order number.

Tracking Consumption in Business Central

Also included with Warehouse Insight is a component usage report that displays all of your production orders with your finished goods serial numbers and consumption item serial numbers.

The Warehouse Insight app from Insight Works for Dynamics 365 Business Central provides manufacturers and those who assemble components an easy way to track the serial numbers of finished products and their sub-components. For more details on tracking production and consumption serial numbers in Business Central and the Warehouse Insight app, visit or check out the video below.