The Shipping App for Shopify & Business Central – What You Need to Know

In October 2021, both Microsoft and Shopify announced their collaboration. For merchants using Shopify and looking for a comprehensive business management solution across finance, sales, service, and operations, then Dynamics 365 Business Central may be the answer. Vice-versa, Business Central users looking to add an e-commerce solution need look no further than Shopify. Regardless of which group you fall into, you’ll likely need a shipping solution that works with Shopify and Business Central. Users will reach for the Order Ship Express, the shipping app from Insight Works to fill the gap.

Order Ship Express is integrated seamlessly with Business Central and is designed to manage parcel shipping within the United States. The shipping app, Order Ship Express has several advantages, including:

Discounted Shipping Rates with No Minimums

Right of the box, users receive significant shipping rate discounts without applying or meeting minimum requirements. Whether you ship five items a week or 500 items a day, you get access to smokin’ rates.

Your Choice of Shipping Service

You’d think that services may be limited with such great shipping rates. Nope. Order Ship Express supports USPS and UPS within the United States with expedited and standard shipping options.

No licensing fees for the Order Ship Express app

Insight Works does not charge any licensing fee for the Order Ship Express app. The only costs associated with the app are the shipping fees charged by USPS and UPS.

Seamlessly Integrated with Business Central

Order Ship Express is easily installed from Microsoft AppSource or within the Business Central Extensions Marketplace. Search for “Order Ship Express” and follow the steps in the setup wizard. Once installed, users will rate shop and print shipping labels right within Business Central.

Generate and Print Shipping Labels from Business Central

With Order Ship Express, it is easy to obtain shipping labels for any parcel you need to ship. Enter your package dimensions and weight into Business Central and click “Get Rates.” Select your preferred service, print your label, affix it to your parcel, and you’re done. Order Ship Express also accommodates multiple label printing when shipping multiple packages to the same destination.

Automatically Add a Mark-Up

Order Ship Express makes it easy for users to add a mark-up to their shipping rates to include handling. Handling may consist of packaging costs, time to prepare shipments, and working with carriers. In these cases, mark-up calculations can be assigned at the customer’s account level in Business Central. The calculated rates will automatically appear on sales orders.

There you have it! No need to look any further than Order Ship Express to help streamline your Shopify e-commerce solution backed by Business Central. Order Ship Express saves online retailers both time and money with no licensing fees and great discounted shipping rates.

Learn more about Order Ship Express at and check out Insight Works’ video about Order Ship Express for Shopify.