The Must-Have Business Central App for those with Inventory

There are many reasons an organization may choose to use Dynamics 365 Business Central. They may have outgrown their accounting system’s capabilities, their business evolved and needed a better decision-support platform, or, as a new business, the Business Central Cloud subscription model was enticing. The must-have Business Central app can help manage inventory.

Apart from the accounting capabilities, organizations turn to Business Central to drive supply chain optimization. Where there is a supply chain, there is inventory to be managed.

Whether you are a one-person shop or a larger organization, you likely receive, stock, pick, and ship inventory of some sort. For those that do, you’ll want to check out the free app from Insight Works explicitly designed for Business Central Cloud. The app is called WMS Express.

WMS Express

WMS Express is a must-have Business Central app that transforms inventory management from a paper-based-data-entry process to using mobile devices with barcode scanners to interface with Business Central in real-time. Whether you manage a small stock room or a large warehouse, WMS Express is an app to consider.

With WMS Express, users can use Android-based smartphones or purpose-built mobile computers to perform inventory receipts, put-aways, picks, and shipments, all from a handheld device.

No more manual entry

WMS Express eliminates the need to work from paper documents, which require manually entering data into Business Central. Manual data entry is prone to errors, something the WMS Express app eliminates. Take, for example, receiving a shipment of inventory. Without WMS Express, users will print out a purchase order or warehouse receipt and physically check-off the items sitting at receiving. This information is then entered into Business Central.

Alternatively, using WMS Express, your receiver will select the applicable purchase order or warehouse receipt from the mobile device and proceeds to scan the receiving stock in any order. Once all the items have been scanned, the receipt gets posted to Business Central. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. The process is similar for put-aways, picks, and shipping.

Significantly speed up inventory counts

In addition to the features mentioned above, WMS Express is your best friend when it comes to performing physical inventory counts. Gone are the days of the clipboard where you count stock and enter data. With WMS Express, you’ll significantly reduce your inventory count time by simply scanning barcodes.

Lots of devices to choose from

WMS Express supports a wide range of Android-based mobile devices. While using a smartphone in smaller operations is possible, organizations will often turn to more efficient purpose-built mobile devices that offer better scanning performance and ruggedness.

Smartphones will use the built-in camera to scan barcodes, while a handheld scanning device will use a scan engine of some sort. While the difference may seem subtle because, in the end, both will scan a barcode, a handheld scanning device will significantly outperform a smartphone in the long-run. Depending on the scan engine’s specs, mobile devices are capable of scanning barcodes in a fraction of a second. They can also scan dirty or slightly damaged barcodes, scan off-axis, and scan different distances ranging from a few inches to over 70 feet. Mobile devices will also have stronger glass and can withstand drops onto harder surfaces when compared to smartphones.

Right choice for any business with inventory

The WMS Express app from Insight Works isn’t just for those operating a warehouse. Any business, regardless of size, that has some level of inventory, can benefit from using a mobile device with WMS Express. WMS Express comes in three “flavors” depending on your organization’s specific needs.

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