The Must-have App for Manufacturers Using Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud provides manufacturers with functionality to manage production. Using the work centers and machine centers in Business Central cloud, Production managers can assign operations and define a routing on how to create items. Assigning tasks to centers creates a production schedule that defines which employee is responsible for specific tasks and the machine resources scheduled for use. This article explores how the must-have app for manufacturers, Graphical Scheduler from Insight Works, seamlessly integrates into Business Central cloud, enabling easy visualization of production schedules.

While Business Central cloud helps facilitate the manufacturing process, users have reported difficulty viewing the overall production schedule for a given period, for example, a day, week, month, quarter, or another timeframe. Where Business Central cloud lacks functionality, 3rd party apps step up to the plate.

Graphical Scheduler from Insight Works is a 100% free app that integrates seamlessly into Business Central cloud and enables production managers and other users to visualize their production schedules easily.

Optimize Your Scheduling with Drag-and-Drop

Graphical Scheduler is more than just visualization. Users can easily drag-and-drop an operation on a production order to a new work center and time. As work is rearranged, associated operations will automatically update to reflect a new production schedule.

Optimize Manufacturing Schedule Business Central

One-Click Access to Details

By simply highlighting an operation on the schedule, users will access additional details. For example, the production order number, routing number, descriptions, and more. Users can also drill-down directly from the scheduler into the Production Order for more detail or to make changes.

View production details in Business Central

Easily View Associated Operations

Often the manufacturing process includes several steps. By highlighting a single operation, all related options will automatically highlight so users can view the complete process — all within a single screen.

View related operations in Business Central

Quickly Find Operations with the Built-In Filter

Graphical Scheduler includes a built-in filter that enables users to identify specific operations quickly. For example, users can filter on keywords like “wheel” or filter on a production order number to display only related operations.

Filter production orders in Business Central

Use Color Coding to Identify the Status of Operations

Using the built-in color coding rules, users can quickly identify the specific state of jobs. The rules feature is extremely versatile as it is based on data within Business Central. For example, a user can add a filter if a job has passed its start time or date and has not begun. In this case, the impacted jobs can be set to a specific color like red.

Using colors for production orders in Business Central

Micro or Macro Time Frame

Whether you need to focus on the current day’s production schedule to ensure everything is running smoothly, or you want to see how the month is shaping up, Graphical Scheduler easily adjusts to timeframes.

View your production schedule in Business Central

As you can see, Graphical Scheduler is a comprehensive must-have app for manufacturers using Business Central cloud, optimizing the management and viewing of production schedules. As mentioned, the app from Insight Works is entirely free – all features are available to all users. To learn more, visit or visit Microsoft AppSource and search for “Graphical Scheduler.”