Shop Floor Insight Release 6.0

Insight Works has just released version 6.0 of Shop Floor Insight and it’s packed with even more functionality. See why Shop Floor Insight is the Dynamics NAV add-on of choice for anyone who needs shop floor data collection.

Shop Floor Insight is a comprehensive solution for barcoded time capture, time and attendance, and employee time management.

Here is some of the new and exciting functionality you can expect to experience in version 6.0:

Scheduling Whiteboard and Graphical Dispatch List

Shop Floor Insight adds a graphical layer to the NAV production schedule enabling production managers and employees to view and manage loading more effectively.

With Shop Floor Insight, you’ll easily visualize exactly what work is scheduled at each workstation. The graphical interface enables employees to clock on, record output and perform all tasks normally done with the dispatch list.

Production Scheduler

The visual production schedule is more than a display. Users, with the appropriate permissions, can drag-and-drop an operation on a production order to a new work center and time. As work is rearranged, associated operations will automatically update to reflect a new production schedule.

Clicking on a specific production order operation will also display additional details.

Locating specific information within a sea of production orders is made simple with easy access to the filter feature on the Production Scheduler toolbar. Enter your description or document keywords and quickly identify the information you’re looking for in the Dispatch List or graphical production schedule.

Create recurring shift schedules and alternate shift schedules for your employees to more effectively plan labor in the shop.

Managers will appreciate the ability to segment employees into groups to speed up the process of monitoring and approving work.

Managing accrued employee vacation time just got easier. Administrators can now use rules to automatically calculate and log accrued vacation time.

With Shop Floor Insight 6.0 users can now use groups to create bulk time cards, such as for training, shutdowns and holidays.

Administrators will appreciate the new management tools and improved user interface to further simplify the installation and management of Shop Floor Insight.

For anyone using the third party payroll solutions, exporting time card information just got easier and now includes configurable columns to support common scenarios.

For anyone using the Canadian Payroll add-on for NAV, Shop Floor Insight time card information is now seamlessly integrated with the Payroll Worksheet.

Shop Floor Insight 6.0 enables users to segment data more granularly. In addition to the existing global dimensions, users can now associate six shortcut dimensions on time card lines. Also added are configurable shop floor employee dimensions.