Revolutionize Your Quote and Order Process with the Product Configurator App

Transforming Your Quote and Order Process with Insight Works’ Product Configurator App

Insight Works’ Product Configurator app is transforming how businesses create customer quotes and orders. With the Product Configurator app, businesses quickly and easily configure items within Dynamics 365 Business Central to create a custom quote or order for their customers. This streamlined process saves businesses time and eliminates manual data entry, resulting in a more efficient quote and order process.

The Product Configurator app features an advanced rules builder, which allows businesses to define rules for product configurations. These rules can include parameters that restrict or provide additional options when a specific item is selected. This feature helps ensure that businesses provide accurate pricing and product information to their customers while streamlining the quote and order process. In addition, the rules builder helps to reduce the potential for manual errors while streamlining the order process.

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