Quote Generation with Product Configurator for Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has become an essential platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to manage assemble-to-order, make-to-order, and other processes requiring Bill of Materials (BOMs) and routings. Quote generation is a critical aspect of these processes, and the Product Configurator app from Insight Works is here to revolutionize it.

Introducing the Product Configurator App for Business Central

The Product Configurator app for Business Central is a game-changer for quote generation, making it easier and more efficient than ever. This versatile app is designed to simplify the creation of production BOMs and routings, offering an easy selection of product options and variations.

Say Goodbye to Impossible Configurations

One of the most significant features of the Product Configurator app is the Advanced Rule Builder. This powerful tool solves the problem of users creating configurations that aren’t possible or don’t make sense. With the rule builder, you can create sophisticated rules to customize your products and meet specific customer needs, making it easier to differentiate yourself from competitors and increase customer satisfaction.

A Practical Example of the Advanced Rule Builder in Action

Imagine you’re a bicycle manufacturer that uses the Product Configurator app from Insight Works to streamline your quote and order generation process. Let’s explore a practical example of how the Advanced Rule Builder can help you create configurations that make sense for your customers.
Building a Customized Bicycle
In this scenario, your customers can customize their bicycles with various frame and wheel options. For instance, you offer two frame choices: lightweight carbon fiber and sturdy aluminum. To ensure a balanced and optimal riding experience, you want to ensure that customers who choose the lightweight carbon fiber frame cannot select heavy steel wheels.
Creating a Rule with the Rule Designer
Using the Rule Designer in the Product Configurator, you can create a rule that prevents this incompatible configuration. Here’s how you set up the rule:

  1. Choose the frame option from the list of groups and types of rules.
  2. Select the condition: If the frame choice equals the carbon fiber frame.
  3. Define the action: Hide the heavy steel wheel option.

As a result, if a customer selects the carbon fiber frame, the heavy steel wheel option will be hidden, preventing the customer from choosing an unsuitable configuration.
If the customer selects the aluminum frame, the heavy steel wheel option remains visible and can be chosen if desired.
This way, the Product Configurator app’s Advanced Rule Builder enables you to set up rules to prevent people from creating configurations that aren’t possible or don’t make sense. The Rule Builder ensures that your customers have a seamless experience when customizing their bicycles while maintaining optimal performance and compatibility between components.
The Product Configurator app offers boundless potential for diverse industries. From customizing products to managing complex configurations, the Advanced Rule Builder streamlines processes and bolsters customer satisfaction. Its versatility enables businesses to excel in various sectors, driving efficiency and delivering exceptional customer value.

Enhance Your Business Central Capabilities

The Product Configurator app extends Business Central’s capabilities, offering a range of features and benefits for efficient quote generation:

  • Automated BOM and Routing Generation: Ensure consistency and reduce the risk of errors with automatic generation of Assembly or Production BOMs/Routings on Sales Orders and Quotes.
  • Integration with Business Central MPS and MRP: Seamlessly plan new products by integrating with standard Business Central MPS and MRP.
  • Cost and Weight Calculation: Calculate the cost and weight of configured items based on selected options.
  • Flexible Item Number Assignment: Assign a new item number or inherit from the base item number for configured items.
  • Multiplier Application: Apply multipliers to automatically generated BOMs, including waste and trim material.
  • Advanced Rule Builder: Create sophisticated rules for specific products using an API configured with the C/AL Editor, preventing impossible configurations.
  • Bulk Configuration Builder: Use the Bulk Configuration Builder, Configurator Options, and an Advanced Rule Builder for easy and flexible configuration.
  • Configured Option Display: Show configured options and their text descriptions in the BOM Designer.
  • Simplified Data Entry: Display additional columns for configured item data in the Bulk Editor for easier data entry and editing.
  • Standard Cost Calculation: Automatically calculate the standard cost of a configured item based on the selected options and their associated costs.

Users Who Benefit the Most

The Product Configurator app is perfect for sales and customer service representatives, production planners and engineers, product managers, business owners, and IT professionals who want to improve productivity, reduce errors, and increase profitability by automating the creation of BOMs, routings, and quote generation.

The Ultimate Solution for Quote Generation

The Product Configurator app from Insight Works is the ideal solution for businesses seeking to simplify the creation of production BOMs and Routings while revolutionizing quote generation efficiency. With an easy-to-use interface, flexible customization options, and seamless integration with Business Central MPS and MRP, this app is a must-have for any SMB looking to enhance productivity and profitability.
Learn more about the Product Configurator app at http://CPQforDynamics.com.