Overcoming the Challenge of Printing from Business Central Cloud

Overcoming the challenge of printing in cloud-based environments is a crucial aspect of maximizing the benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central, a robust cloud-based ERP solution. With its ability to enhance financial visibility, streamline supply chains, drive sales, and facilitate project management, Business Central offers a comprehensive package for businesses seeking to transition to the cloud.

Cloud-based solutions have come a long way but there continue to be gaps, for example, an easy way to manage and connect to printers. Currently, Business Central users can find it to be a challenge when wanting to print from the cloud to local or network printers. Overcoming the challenge of printing has become a priority for many Business Central users who want a seamless printing experience when accessing documents and reports from the cloud on local or network printers.

We introduce to you the free PrintNode Connector PowerTool app for Business Central from Insight Works. PrintNode Connector enables users to easily print from the Business Central web client, regardless of device, to any local or network printers.

With the PrintNode Connector app from Insight Works, users can print multiple reports and documents to different printers without having to print each one individually or print to PDF. Once the PrintNode Connector PowerTool app is installed, users will define default printers for specific types of reports to further streamline operations.

The PrintNode Connector PowerTool app leverages the API offered by PrintNode.com. PrintNode is a service for connecting your printers to the Internet, bringing a range of benefit such as the ability to print directly from a website and not being hindered by firewalls. A PrintNode account is required to use the PrintNode Connector PowerTool app from Insight Works.

So, if you’re using Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud and you need an easy and effective way to print reports, look no further than the free app from Insight Works – PrintNode Connector PowerTool. By overcoming the challenge of printing, this app empowers users to effortlessly print essential documents and reports while enjoying the flexibility of cloud-based ERP. To learn more, visit www.dmsiworks.com or check out Microsoft AppSource.