Optimizing Fractional Labor Schedules for Job Shops and Manufacturers

Fractional labor is a term used in manufacturing to describe the division of a manufacturing process into smaller, more manageable tasks. This approach to manufacturing is designed to make the most efficient use of resources and minimize waste. By breaking down the manufacturing process into smaller steps, fractional labor allows manufacturers to better control quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Breaking down tasks into fractional labor can increase efficiency and productivity as workers can focus on a specific task rather than trying to complete the entire process themselves. Additionally, it can help to reduce costs by allowing manufacturers to utilize lower-skilled workers for particular jobs.

For those looking to optimize processes using fractional labor, you’ll want to check out the MxAPS solution from Insight Works. MxAPS is an advanced planning and scheduling app that small and medium-sized manufacturers and job shops are turning to for their Microsoft Business Central needs.

Having enough production orders to maximize your manufacturing equipment utilization rate is not bad. However, take, for example, a situation where you don’t have enough staff to manage all of your equipment.

When you lack the labor to work your equipment, MxAPS will use fractional labor models. For example, you may have enough orders to run on six machines; however, you only have enough labor to operate three. In this case, MxAPS will constrain production orders to the resources available.

If you lack labor to produce larger jobs or run your equipment at nearly 100% utilization, then fractional labor is often a good idea in manufacturing when a company wants to produce a large number of products in a short amount of time. This type of labor allows a company to increase its production without having to hire a large number of employees.

With MxAPS, you will regularly create realistic production schedules without relying on people to understand the scheduling details. MxAPS is chock full of features, like managing fractional labor.

Overall, fractional labor is a great way to increase efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing process. It allows manufacturers to better control quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. If you’re looking to optimize your manufacturing process, MxAPS is an excellent solution.

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