MRP in Business Central & the Enhanced Planning Worksheet App

Material requirements planning (MRP) is an essential process for manufacturers that helps ensure the right amount of raw materials are available to produce products and that those products are delivered on time to customers. MRP in Business Central is a powerful tool that helps businesses optimize production processes and minimize inventory levels.

MRP in Business Central

MRP Challenges Facing Industry

Effective materials requirements planning is crucial for any business that wants to maintain optimal inventory levels, ensure timely deliveries, and minimize waste. However, MRP can be complex and challenging, particularly for companies operating in dynamic industries. Here are some common challenges businesses often face with MRP in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Poor visibility of inventory levels across multiple locations and supply chains
  • Inaccurate demand forecasting, leading to over or understocking
  • Inadequate capacity planning, resulting in delays and increased lead times
  • Difficulty in managing changes to orders, schedules, and supplier constraints
  • Inability to track and analyze supplier performance and quality

Fortunately, modern ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offer robust MRP tools to help businesses overcome these challenges and improve their operational efficiency. Furthermore, third-party apps like Insight Works’ Enhanced Planning Worksheet can enhance the MRP process further, adding even more value for MRP in Business Central users.

What MRP in Business Central Offers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s MRP module offers robust tools to help businesses plan and manage their material requirements, production schedules, and purchase orders. Here are some of the key features included in MRP in Business Central:

  • Inventory Management: MRP gives users an overview of their inventory levels, allowing them to maintain optimal stock levels and avoid stockouts. Users can view inventory levels across multiple locations, track movement, and analyze inventory aging.
  • Demand Forecasting: MRP includes powerful tools that help users predict product demand. By analyzing historical sales data, MRP in Business Central can generate accurate demand forecasts, allowing users to plan their production and purchasing activities accordingly.
  • Production Scheduling: With MRP, users can create production schedules that optimize manufacturing processes. The module includes tools to help users plan production activities, schedule production runs, and manage capacity constraints.
  • Purchase Order Management: MRP helps users manage their purchase orders, ensuring they receive the right materials at the right time. Users can create purchase orders, track their status, and manage supplier performance.
  • Cost Optimization: By providing users with accurate demand forecasts and production schedules, MRP helps businesses minimize their inventory levels, reduce waste, and optimize their costs.

Overall, MRP in Business Central provides businesses with comprehensive tools to plan and manage their material requirements, production schedules, and purchase orders. However, businesses can further enhance the MRP process with third-party apps like Insight Works‘ Enhanced Planning Worksheet.

Insight Works’ Enhanced Planning Worksheet adds Value to MRP in Business Central

Insight Works’ Enhanced Planning Worksheet app adds value to Business Central’s MRP module by providing users with additional capabilities and features. Here are some specific features and benefits of the app that enhance MRP in Business Central:

  • Supply-demand summary: The app provides a supply-demand summary that allows planners to see their sales and service order demands and the net result of their plans. This helps users make more informed decisions based on demand and supply constraints.
  • Multiple location and company inventory levels: The app lets users see inventory levels and demand across multiple locations, which can help make transfer order decisions. This feature also enables users to optimize inventory levels and reduce carrying costs.
  • Vendor planning summary: The app includes a vendor planning summary that lets users plan their purchasing activities at the vendor level. This feature is useful for those with teams of purchasers managing different vendors. With the vendor planning summary, purchasers can see which vendors they need to order from and how much they need to order to meet their minimum prepaid amounts.
  • Sales and purchase history chart: The app also offers a chart that provides a visual overview of a user’s sales and purchase history. This feature makes it easy for planners to determine if their plans are realistic and make changes accordingly. It helps users understand their demand patterns and accurately forecast future sales.
  • Easy customization: The Enhanced Planning Worksheet app is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor it to their specific needs. They can customize the app’s columns, filters, and sorting options to match their workflows and requirements.
  • Simplified planning process: The app simplifies the planning process by automating routine tasks and reducing manual effort. It streamlines the MRP process, allowing users to focus on more critical business activities.

Overall, the Enhanced Planning Worksheet app extends MRP in Business Central’s functionality, providing users with more features and capabilities to streamline their planning processes and optimize their supply chain operations.

Alternate Planning Logic for Distribution Companies

The Enhanced Planning Worksheet app from Insight Works provides an alternative planning logic for distribution companies struggling with MRP in Business Central. While the standard MRP module works well for many companies, it may not offer the planning and forecasting needed for distribution companies with complex supply chains and inventory requirements.

With the Enhanced Planning Worksheet app, distribution companies can benefit from purchase-oriented planning, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of distribution companies. This type of planning allows users to plan their purchasing activities at the vendor level. It is particularly useful for companies with multiple purchasers managing different vendors in Business Central.

In addition to purchase-oriented planning, the Enhanced Planning Worksheet app allows users to see inventory levels and demand across multiple locations and companies. This is especially helpful for distribution companies making transfer order decisions or managing inventory across multiple warehouses or distribution centers.

Overall, the Enhanced Planning Worksheet app provides a more flexible and customizable planning solution for distribution companies. It allows them to manage their inventory and purchasing activities better while meeting their specific business needs in MRP in Business Central.


In conclusion, businesses can rely on the valuable MRP tools in Business Central to manage their material requirements, production schedules, and purchase orders. Furthermore, the Enhanced Planning Worksheet app from Insight Works enhances the MRP process by providing additional features and capabilities that make it even more efficient and effective. Users can perform standard and purchase-oriented planning, see a visual overview of their sales and purchase history, and much more.

To learn more about this app, visit the Enhanced Planning Worksheet or contact a Microsoft Partner for more details.