Managing Safety Logs Using Dynamics 365 Business Central

I think we can all agree that safety in the workplace is a high priority for any business. Some businesses are more prone to safety regulations than others while many businesses are legally required to manage their safety program and records to a given standard. Managing safety logs using Dynamics 365 Business Central becomes pivotal, especially for those businesses more prone to safety regulations than others. When working in an industry where safety is a focus, keeping a record of daily projects and activities is exceptionally important. Proper records help a business’ productivity and organization efforts.

Why are we bringing this up in an Insight Works blog? In a nutshell, our Shop Floor Insight product boasts a built-in module that enables users to log all safety-related factors, and take it from us…this streamlines proper record-keeping in ways that ensure your own safety program remains compliant with regulatory agencies and industry groups.

But before we get into what the Shop Floor Insight Safety Logbook can do for you, let’s explore the ins and outs of why safety documentation is important in the first place, and why a safety log is invaluable as both a record and a reminder.

Regardless of industry, safety has to be a priority as every project is completed; this is especially true in more “rugged” or physically-demanding environments such as warehousing, engineering or any industrial-centric scenarios. What does a safety log bring to this equation? As a written record documenting the events of a work day and the corresponding safety training/protocols as part of that day, a safety log takes into consideration inspections, audits, training sessions and other relevant parallel data, including weather conditions and number of workers assigned to a project.

Some Eye-Opening Statistics

Twenty-five (25)-percent of all workplace injury claims are due to slips and falls, and each year, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 95 million lost work days due to these claims. What’s more, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), fatal injuries in the warehouse industry exceeds the national average across all industries.

Beyond deaths and life-changing illness or injury, poor safety procedures can result in:

  • Productivity reduction
  • Employee morale/satisfaction loss
  • Absenteeism increases
  • Frequent equipment downtime

Staying Up-to-Date and Maintaining a “Safety First” Culture is a Continuous Activity

You want to do right by your employees, don’t you? Of course you do…but this should definitely include ensuring occupational safety. While it’s impossible to prevent every single safety hazard that may occur at any given time, you should understand that occupational safety is an ongoing activity, one that dictates how to keep your employees safe, what your obligations are to avoid legal action or citations and what the correct procedure is should an employee be injured or killed (the latter being significantly beyond the scope of this blog).

The Insight Works Perspective

Into this foray comes our Safety Logbook, the aforementioned built-in module as part of Shop Floor Insight that enables users to log all things related to safety. And, as we also mentioned in the beginning of this post, your safety program is a critical part of your business…making proper record-keeping crucial for keeping it compliant with regulatory agencies and industry groups (some of which were referenced earlier in the blog, as well).

What exactly are the capabilities of our Logbook? You can track detailed injury information to maintain comprehensive incident records, streamline reporting to regulatory agencies by providing detailed information in a consistent format, reduce the risk of repeat incidents by recording requirements for follow-up training, work practice reviews, engineered controls and root cause review…and much more.

In the realm of managing safety logs using Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Safety Logbook ensures your safety records are always thorough and up-to-date, providing integrated record-keeping for certifications, near misses, incidents and all other HSE-related activities. You can also generate employee history reports, management dashboards and comprehensive incident investigation reports – thoroughly redefining a “value-centric solution.”

If you’re ready to promote safety best practices while improving the quality and effectiveness of your safety program, take a closer look at Insight Works’ Safety Logbook. With managing safety logs using Dynamics 365 Business Central, your business can take a proactive approach to workplace safety, ensuring compliance and fostering a culture of safety-first across your organization.