Making Warehouse Picks and Put-Aways More Efficient and Accurate

If you’ve had any experience with Dynamics 365 Business Central, you know that it is a great tool to help manage a warehouse. Now, through the magic of Insight Works’ Warehouse Insight with barcode scanning functionality, you can speed up the actions of picks and put-aways by scanning bins and items to increase accuracy, manage lot and serial numbers and make the whole process more efficient.

How does it work?

The Warehouse Insight picking screen displays the entire pick on the handheld device and immediately alerts the user if an improper bin or bar code is scanned. As each item is scanned, the description, lot number and serial number are displayed to verify that the items are properly labeled. Warehouse receipts and put-aways can be automatically created for an item or PO by scanning or entering the item number and/or purchase order number, with inventory picks and put-aways fully supporting non-directed pick locations – including those without “bins mandatory.”

The system essentially eliminates redundant data entry by capturing all item tracking information at the pick stage and updating the source document line.

Put-Away Application in Warehouse Insight

The Put-Away application is responsible for handling inventory put-aways and warehouse put-aways, with core features encompassing:

  • Lookup Lists for put-away documents
  • Specifying quantity to put-away
  • Splitting lines and changing bins
  • Posting

Pick Application in Warehouse Insight

The Pick application is responsible for handling warehouse and inventory pick transactions, with core features encompassing:

  • Lookup Lists for pick documents
  • Picking to license plates
  • Picking to totes
  • Line splitting
  • Updating warehouse shipment quantities/tracking (if desired)
  • Posting

Additional Tidbits

Often referred to as the industry’s go-to mobile warehouse management system, Warehouse Insight makes battling inefficient operations due to inaccurate warehouse transactions and time-consuming manual tracking a thing of the past. With support for all Business Central configurations and item tracking configurations, Warehouse Insight brings mobile device integration into the warehouse environment.

Some premium benefits include:

  • Full integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Support for a wide range of hardware (industry standard scanners and other mobile terminals)
  • Advanced protocols (license plating, advanced inventory count, application builder, activity logging, integration with Dynamic Ship and more) to extend a Business Central system
  • Real-time access to inventory production and data
  • Capturing of lot and serial numbers for any transaction
  • Increased efficiency with everything you need at your fingertips
  • Ability to scan directly to sales and purchase documents
  • Ability to palletize/package items to streamline warehouse operations

Indeed, if you have been looking for a way to streamline picks and put-aways while increasing inventory accuracy, Warehouse Insight from Insight Works will change the playing field so that your operations are more efficient – in nearly every respect.