Insight Works: Supporting Nonprofits via Technology

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in building healthy communities by providing critical services that contribute to economic stability and mobility. In also strengthening communities in other important ways, nonprofits are often headed by individuals who represent the voice of the people they serve – and that’s something we here at Insight Works respect wholeheartedly.

At Insight Works, we have committed ourselves to supporting nonprofits via technology, understanding that nonprofit organizations play an essential role in communities by providing various services that millions of people rely on every day. Indeed, the way we see it, successful nonprofits need more than donations – they require the tools to help them operate efficiently while maximizing their impact.

So how is Insight Works throwing our hat into the nonprofit ring, exactly? We’re offering eligible nonprofit organizations discounted or donated apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central, a rich suite that includes Warehouse Insight, Dynamic Ship, Advanced Inventory Count, Shop Floor Insight, Counter Sales, Barcode Generator PowerTool, PrintNode Connector PowerTool, Product Configurator, DocXtender, and Graphical Scheduler.

We’d like to offer nonprofits that provide key services a way to deliver those services even more efficiently, by way of better resources – like our premium apps. Such organizations that could benefit from our apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central include food banks, environmental services, social services, youth and children programs, homelessness nonprofits, women’s shelters and many others.

In remaining committed to supporting communities and organizations that work to make this world we all share and inhabit a better place to live, Insight Works is tipping our proverbial hat to all those nonprofits that embody this vision. Whether it’s inventory management, planning and scheduling or visualizing a schedule, nonprofits everywhere can take advantage of our innovative offerings.

For more information about how Insight Works is helping support those supporting others, or about any of our premium manufacturing and distribution apps, contact us today.