How Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software Drives Preventative Maintenance

Unexpected downtime can hurt any manufacturing process, but when job shops and manufacturers lack an accurate production schedule, the consequences can be even more severe. This is because an inaccurate production schedule often leads to disruptions in the manufacturing process that can cause long delays and prevent companies from meeting their deadlines. Incorporating a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program can significantly reduce the risk of unexpected downtime, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced productivity for job shops and manufacturers.

Preventative maintenance (PM) is a critical part of any manufacturing operation. Regularly inspecting and servicing equipment can prevent unexpected downtime and keep your machines running smoothly. This not only saves you money in the long run, but it also helps you maintain a consistent flow of production.

A good Preventative Maintenance program will include regular inspections, preventative repairs, and calibration/adjustment services. By scheduling these services regularly, you can minimize the chances of equipment failure and keep your production schedule on track.

MxAPS from Insight Works is a comprehensive production scheduling software that helps job shops and manufacturers meet their deadlines and can help drive a preventative maintenance program while using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

MxAPS can record machine time, help track how often a particular machine is used, and identify any patterns in usage. This information can help you schedule preventative maintenance services for the machine based on its actual usage.

Recording machine time can also help you identify any machines causing problems or most in need of preventative maintenance services. Identifying problem machines early can prevent them from disrupting the production process.

For example, based on your production schedule, a specific machine may accumulate 1,000 hours by month-end and require maintenance. Or, maybe you schedule regular monthly maintenance without knowing run hours. Perhaps the machine only has 600 hours and can go another 400 hours before maintenance is required. With MxAPS, maintenance downtime can be optimized and scheduled only when necessary.

If you manage a job shop or small-to-medium-sized manufacturer, you know how important it is to stay on top of production. Advanced planning and scheduling software like MxAPS from Insight Works can help you by providing a complete view of your production process. This way, you can optimize your shop floor and use your resources better. MxAPS also allows you to quickly and easily create schedules that meet customer demand and deadlines. In addition, the software is affordable and easy to implement, making it a viable solution for any job shop or small manufacturer.