Getting Started with Mobile Devices Based On Your Business Central Warehouse Settings

If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud, there is a good chance you’re managing some type of inventory. Whether it’s a small stock room or a warehouse of goods, you’ll likely be leaning on Business Central to help manage your business. Business Central enables users to select different warehousing options when first setting up the platform. Microsoft officially documents six ways to set up warehousing based on the level of complexity. In reality, there are upwards of 50 ways to configure your Business Central warehouse settings based on the options selected.

This article will look at three standard warehouse configurations within Business Central. Depending on the settings, users can get started with mobile devices to scan barcodes and help manage everyday warehouse tasks. If you are interested in diving deep into Business Central warehouse settings, check out the “How to Decide What Level of Warehousing to Implement?” video on YouTube.

Where to find your Business Central warehouse settings?

You will benefit from understanding the warehouse settings within Business Central. The settings will determine what level of warehousing functions you’ll be able to leverage. Here are the steps to view your warehouse setting within Business Central:

  1. Within Business Central, search for “Locations.”
  2. Under the “Go to Pages and Task” section, select “Locations.”
  3. Click on the location code you want to view.
  4. Locate the Warehouse FastTab; you will find the available warehouse settings.
Business Central Warehouse Settings

The benefits of a mobile device in the warehouse

While Business Central provides a lot of warehousing functionality out-of-the-box, integrating a mobile device is an excellent option for those looking to streamline inventory processes. A mobile device running the right WMS app enables users to perform warehouse functions from a handheld computer. Users will scan barcodes to perform tasks while working in real-time with Business Central. Scanning barcodes significantly speeds up tasks while reducing errors.

Selecting a mobile device that is right for you is out of scope for this article; however, you can learn more by reading the “How to Choose a Mobile Computer to use with Business Central” article.

Choosing a WMS app for your mobile device

There are several third-party WMS apps available for Business Central. This article will look at a free WMS app from Insight Works called WMS Express. Most Business Central users’ WMS requirements are straightforward, so many choose the free WMS Express app.

Insight Works offers three versions of the free WMS Express app for Business Central. The version you choose will depend on the options selected within your Business Central warehouse settings. Let’s take a look at each of the three options.

Option 1: WMS Express Standard

WMS Express Standard
WMS Express Standard is perfect for organizations that use purchase and sales orders but don’t use warehouse documents like picks and put-aways. With WMS Express standard, you will be up and running with a mobile device in less than five minutes. Once configured, users will receive inventory by scanning barcodes, picking and shipping orders directly from handheld devices, and performing standard inventory counts.

Option 2: WMS Express Basic Warehouse

WMS Express Basic Warehouse
WMS Express Basic Warehouse is a good option for those who run a stock room or simple warehouse and have inventory put-aways and inventory picks enabled. In this case, users will use mobile devices for inventory put-aways, inventory picks, and perform standard inventory counts.

Option 3: WMS Express Warehouse

WMS Express Warehouse
WMS Express Warehouse is an excellent choice for those using the warehouse document features of Dynamics 365 Business Central. You will easily manage warehouse receipts, warehouse put-aways, warehouse picks, ad-hoc movements, and standard inventory counts from a mobile device.

For a side-by-side comparison of the three versions of WMS Express, check out the official app webpage here.

A free WMS versus a more robust, subscription-based WMS

Warehouse requirements are relatively basic for many Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud users. In these cases, integrating an advanced WMS isn’t necessary when WMS Express provides you with all the needed functionality for free.

For those with more complex requirements, Warehouse Insight is a good option. Warehouse Insight is a subscription-based WMS app that does everything WMS Express can with added functionality. Unless you already know you have advanced WMS requirements, a great place to start is with the free WMS Express app.

Is WMS Express really free? Where is the catch?

Yes. The WMS Express app from Insight Works is really free – free forever. You don’t even need to license the app by providing personal information. There are no annoying pop-up ads or features that require you to upgrade. The only limitation is there can only be a maximum of five devices running WMS Express per company. WMS Express expansion packs are available for purchase for those who need more devices, or users can upgrade to the subscription-based Warehouse Insight app.

What sort of mobile devices can be used?

Those looking to start using mobile devices ask the most common question: “Can I use a smartphone?”. Technically you can use a smartphone running Android. To scan barcodes, you would then use the camera on the device. However, smartphones are not the ideal device and are typically not recommended. Find out why here: How to Choose a Mobile Computer to use with Business Central.

If you’re interested in seeing a selection of devices that work well with Business Central, check out Insight Works’ eCommerce site for some recommendations.

Getting started with WMS Express

Getting started with WMS Express is really easy. Simple visit the Microsoft AppSource marketplace and install the app. The wizard will launch and step you through the process of setting up a mobile device and connecting it to Business Central by scanning a few barcodes. To see the entire process, check out the comprehensive overview video.

Learn more about WMS Express at