Elevate Shipping with Dynamic Ship: Dynamics GP to Business Central

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Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamic Ship: A Perfect Match

If your business deals with parcel, LTL, or FTL shipping, then the transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With Dynamic Ship, you get a tool that’s tailored to the platform and magnifies its benefits.

Features That Elevate Your Shipping Experience

  • Seamless Integration with Business Central: Dynamic Ship isn’t just another add-on. It integrates smoothly with Business Central, ensuring you don’t have to juggle multiple platforms.
  • Rate Shopping: With Dynamic Ship, you can always find the best shipping rates available. It’s like having a personal shipping advisor ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • Efficient Label Printing: No more complicated steps to print your labels. Dynamic Ship simplifies the process, making it faster and more efficient.
  • Comprehensive Package Management: Get an all-encompassing view of all your shipments. From tracking a single package to monitoring multiple shipments, you always get a clear view.
  • Real-time Shipment Tracking: Stay updated with where your packages are at any given time. The power of real-time data means you’re always informed.

Stepping into a Future of Enhanced Shipping

Transitioning from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central and integrating with Dynamic Ship is more than merely maintaining what you had. It’s about amplifying it. It’s about taking your shipping processes and making them faster, more innovative, and more streamlined. Hence, you can elevate shipping with Dynamic Ship while using Dynamics 365 Business Central.

As businesses evolve, so should the tools they rely on. The future of shipping is not just about moving goods; it’s about harnessing innovation and convenience to power those movements. And with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamic Ship, you’re geared up for this future.

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Are you keen to see how Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamic Ship can improve your shipping processes? View our Dynamic Ship app or connect with your Microsoft Partner. Dive into a world where shipping is not just a process, but a strategic advantage powered by innovation and convenience.