Ditching Homegrown for Business Central’s Shop Floor Edge

In the evolving manufacturing landscape, businesses often need to work on adopting a specialized tool or nurturing their homegrown system. This dilemma is understandable, as a homegrown system is tailored to the company’s unique requirements. However, these custom-made tools often need more scalability, flexibility, and comprehensive feature sets as industries expand and evolve. Enter Shop Floor Insight for Dynamics 365 Business Central, a game-changer that brings more to the table than one might expect.

1. Comprehensive Time and Attendance: Precision vs. Generality

While a homegrown system might offer basic time-tracking capabilities, Shop Floor Insight dives deep. It provides a complete package that doesn’t just log hours but gives insights into overtime, mobile tracking, and more. While your custom tool might give you the ‘what,’ Shop Floor Insight offers the ‘why’ and ‘how,’ paving the way for informed decisions.

2. Efficient Data Capture: The Age of Automation

Barcodes, touch screens, and intuitive UIs are no longer luxuries but necessities. Homegrown systems often require manual input, leading to errors. Shop Floor Insight reduces these discrepancies, offering a seamless data capture experience that homegrown solutions struggle to match in accuracy and efficiency.

3. Scheduling and Production: The Bigger Picture

Homegrown solutions can sometimes offer scheduling but are often linear and limited in scope. With its advanced production scheduling, Shop Floor Insight allows businesses to see the larger picture, integrating shift scheduling and barcoded production orders. It’s the difference between looking through a keyhole and having a panoramic view.

Production Order Routing screen
Production Order Routing in Shop Floor Insight streamlines the manufacturing process by providing a step-by-step path that a product must follow, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

4. Quality Assurance: Proactive vs. Reactive

While in-house systems might help you react to quality issues, Shop Floor Insight empowers you to be proactive. It captures operational data, tracks rework time, and manages quality assurance processes. This helps identify root causes, ensuring that the same mistakes aren’t repeated, a feature often missing in reactive homegrown systems.

5. Real-Time Reporting: Insight On-the-Go

Custom solutions often require manual collation and analysis. Shop Floor Insight changes that narrative, providing instant insights with its real-time reporting. Whether job progression, costing, or payroll analysis, you get data at your fingertips, integrated seamlessly with Excel and Business Central.

6. Flexibility and Integration: Growing with You

The static nature of homegrown systems means they’re often resistant to change. Shop Floor Insight, however, offers flexible configuration, ensuring it grows with your needs. From payroll rules to multi-level approvals, it’s designed to adapt, something in-house solutions often need help with.

Time Card Approvals
Time Card Approvals feature enables managers to efficiently review and approve digitally logged employee hours, ensuring accurate payroll processing and minimizing discrepancies.

The Bottom Line

Manufacturing businesses have a choice: to remain in the comfort of the familiar or embrace the future’s promise. While homegrown systems might feel like a cozy blanket, it’s crucial to acknowledge their limitations. Shop Floor Insight is not just another tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to adapt, evolve, and, more importantly, scale with the ever-changing needs of modern manufacturing.

Ready to embrace the future of manufacturing execution? Dive deeper into what Shop Floor Insight for Business Central can offer and discover its transformative impact on your operations.

Visit ShopFloorForDynamics.com or reach out to your Microsoft Partner and join the evolution today!

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