Building WMS Applications and Solutions with Warehouse Insight

Some time back, we introduced the Warehouse Insight Application Designer, a distinctive component integral to developing WMS Applications and Solutions with Insight Works’ intuitive mobile warehouse management system, empowering companies to incorporate their specific processes directly within Warehouse Insight.

Now, this functionality has been extended with the recent release of Warehouse Insight 2.0, a platform that marries a robust application designer with a protocol enabling users to easily add functionality to Warehouse Insight – while continuing to create specific processes in their warehouse.

A Brief Recap of App Designer

Before we get into the details about Warehouse Insight 2.0, let’s briefly go over the ways the App Designer from Insight Works easily extends Business Central (and NAV) to meet specific demands.

The App Designer provides a simple way to add new apps to Warehouse Insight, or to extend existing apps with new business logic. A simple drag-and-drop interface enables users to build and visualize complex applications and business logic with minimal effort, the system’s plug-in architecture also enabling users to extend existing functionality without modifying any product code.

The Nuts and Bolts of Warehouse Insight 2.0

What version 2.0 of Warehouse Insight brings are a bevy of additional enhancements, with some important ones being support for Android and Windows on almost any device form factor (handhelds, PDA-style devices, tablets, wearables, etc.). Additionally, version 2.0 can run Windows and Android in the same environment.

Where does building WMS (warehouse management system) applications and solutions come into play? Well, if you are familiar with our Warehouse Insight product already, you will recall how in version 1.0 you were able to add your own applications into the system, build new applications and workflows and more – but only a few of those were actually built into the App Designer. Now, everything can be done in the App Designer, allowing you full control over all business logic and UI elements on handheld devices for all apps.

Want to change the way picking works in your specific warehousing environment? Now you can take the core picking app, make a copy of that and conifgure it to whatever extent you want – it’s all about control. You can also create extensions for the base application, just like in the past with Business Central, making Warehouse Insight 2.0 very powerful and very flexible.

This brings us to the improved developer tools aspect of version 2.0 and the App Designer; what Insight Works has basically done is to create a new development environment, wherein Warehouse Insight 2.0 is a robust platform for building applications and solutions. In essence, we’ve taken a development platform and built a full warehouse management system on it, one which presents the user with almost limitless possibilities.

Improved developer tools of Warehouse Insight 2.0 include:

  • Enhanced App Designer now built into Business Central
  • Simplified layout for app configuration pages
  • New “blocks” for designing apps to reduce coding
  • “Application Overrides” (extensions for base apps)
  • Configurable quantity dialogs
  • Language translation storage in NAV/Business Central tables

Summarizing the Warehouse Insight 2.0 Experience

As a formidable development environment, Warehouse Insight 2.0 enables you to build applications like never before, with the ability to render them on handheld devices via both Windows and Android. You can also add extensions to applications, and what this means is that you can create an application to do whatever you like: Perhaps someone in your company has scanned a bin, and you want to treat that as a unique opportunity to label it a “QC Bin” – now, you can create a prompt for additional information for that bin code.

We understand that the aforementioned information may sound a bit techy, but what all of this essentially boils down to is that you can now customize your development efforts to a specific environment.

To learn more about building WMS applications and solutions with Warehouse Insight 2.0 from the innovation leaders at Insight Works, take a look at this video…