Adapting to Rising Parcel Rates in 2024 with Business Central and Order Ship Express

2024 heralds a challenging phase for the domestic parcel shipping industry, with SMBs at the forefront of the impending impact. According to FreightWaves, major carriers such as FedEx and UPS are set to adjust their service rates significantly, attributing the 5.9% increase to the escalating operational costs encompassing labor, fuel, and technology. 

This adjustment directly results from the thriving e-commerce sector, which intensifies demand and strains parcel networks extensively. While the potential economic slowdown might offer temporary relief by dampening shipping volumes and rates, the need for innovative strategies to mitigate rising costs is undeniable.

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Embracing Automation and Rate-Shopping

In response to these impending challenges, SMBs are swiftly pivoting towards automation to refine their shipping processes. A key component of this strategic shift is the adoption of rate-shopping. This crucial feature enables businesses to meticulously compare and select the most cost-effective shipping rates from multiple carriers, thereby managing costs more efficiently while maintaining high service levels amidst fluctuating market dynamics.

Dynamics 365 Business Central: A Beacon for SMBs

Dynamics 365 Business Central stands out as a comprehensive platform, catering mainly to SMBs transitioning from platforms like QuickBooks. While it offers a robust suite of ERP capabilities, its native features fall short of addressing the intricate demands of shipping operations. This gap underscores the necessity for an integrated solution that complements Business Central’s robust framework.

Introducing Order Ship Express: Your Shipping Superpower

Order Ship Express emerges as a seamless extension to Dynamics 365 Business Central, specifically engineered to bridge the gap in shipping functionalities. This license-free app is an add-on and a transformative tool that integrates rate-shopping, efficient label printing, and much more. It’s designed to empower SMBs with the agility to adapt to the evolving shipping rate landscape, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Streamlining Operations with Comprehensive Features

This app enhances Dynamics 365 Business Central by introducing seamless carrier integration, providing users real-time access to shipping rates, and facilitating immediate decision-making based on current market data. The app’s customizable carrier integration further allows businesses to tailor their shipping strategy, selecting carriers that best fit their budget and delivery timelines. Additionally, the app’s efficient label printing feature significantly reduces manual labor and potential errors, streamlining the shipping process further.


Rate-Shopping: A Strategic Must-Have

Perhaps the most pivotal feature is its rate-shopping capability. In a landscape where every penny counts, swiftly comparing shipping rates across multiple carriers and selecting the most economical option can make a significant difference in operational costs. This feature is particularly relevant in 2024’s shifting economic climate, providing SMBs with a crucial lever to pull in their quest for cost efficiency.

Conclusion: Adapting to Change with Order Ship Express

As SMBs navigate the complexities of increased shipping rates in 2024, leveraging advanced solutions like Order Ship Express within Dynamics 365 Business Central becomes indispensable. By offering an integrated suite of shipping management tools, including rate-shopping and label printing, the app addresses the immediate challenges of rate increases and sets businesses up for long-term operational success. In an era marked by rapid changes and challenges, adopting such innovative solutions is key to maintaining competitiveness and sustainability in the parcel shipping domain. Business Central users can install this free app from AppSource or the extension marketplace. 

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