A Picture is Worth a Thousand Hours: Advancing Warehouse Accuracy with Image Capture

In the manufacturing environment, the utilization of a mobile warehouse management system (WMS) that leverages handheld scanners not only saves gobs of time but significantly increases Warehouse Accuracy… and, as we all know, that’s what it’s all about in manufacturing. Thanks to innovative solutions like Warehouse Insight, a powerful mobile WMS from Insight Works, this concept has been taken to an entirely new level through the magic of image integration.

Warehouse Insight is enhancing Warehouse Accuracy by leading the way in the warehouse management game, offering a feature that enables employees to capture visual data quickly and easily. Imagine being able to record damaged packages upon receipt, take pictures of shipments in the event of a damage claim, create your own product images, record the location of inventory, or even take pictures of paper documents to store electronically in Microsoft Dynamics… it’s all a reality with Warehouse Insight.

Here are the myriad of benefits Warehouse Insight brings to the various areas of a warehouse environment:

Benefits for Pickers

During picks, warehouse staff can visually verify an item they are picking. Here’s a good example: An employee arrives at the bin location of an item only to discover the item isn’t there; however, because he or she can view a picture of the item on their mobile computer, it’s easy to see that the item was misplaced in the bin next to where it should have been located. In this scenario, having this image enabled the staff member to fill the order without delay or the involvement of others. Without the image, the warehouse floor employee may have backordered the item on the pick list, resulting in delays and extra costs.

Benefits for Shippers and Receivers

Camera Integration

When using scanners with built-in cameras, shippers and receivers can take photos of packaging to have a record of condition; perhaps a shipment was received with damage, in which case a photo can be taken and stored in Microsoft Dynamics with the purchase order. Additionally, shipping personnel can take photos of boxes to record what parts/goods were included in the box, while also documenting how materials were loaded onto the truck to confirm they were secured properly.

Benefits for Operations (Images of Documentation)

Warehouse documents including packing slips, hazardous material documents, Customs paperwork and more can be made into images using the camera feature on handheld devices. This information is then stored, where it remains easily accessible via Microsoft Dynamics.

What does all of this come down to? In three words, more streamlined operations.

What Else You Need to Know About Warehouse Insight?

Warehouse Insight supports virtually any make and model of mobile computer (scanner) – but it’s important to point out that not all scanners boast built-in cameras. Learn more about the extraordinary powers of Warehouse Insight by clicking here.