U.S. Xpress Inc. for Dynamics 365 Business Central

U.S. Xpress Inc. for Dynamics 365 Business Central

U.S. Xpress Inc. for Dynamics 365 Business Central: Simplify FTL freight operations with the Dynamic Ship app. Seamlessly integrated with Business Central, this solution streamlines package management, real-time rate shopping, and carrier integration, including U.S. Xpress Inc. Enjoy efficient FTL freight processes, reduced costs, and elevated customer service.

  • Optimized Workflow: Seamless Dynamics 365 integration streamlines processes and minimizes errors.
  • Smart Rate Shopping: Real-time comparisons help find cost-effective shipping options.
  • Improved Visibility: Enhanced package management and tracking boost customer service.
  • User-Friendly Efficiency: Intuitive interface with scanning support reduces errors and manual tasks.
  • Informed Decisions: Accurate carrier information enables data-driven shipping choices.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: Real-time tracking and branded pages enhance trust and engagement.
  • Accurate Fee Calculation: Dimension-based fee computation prevents unexpected costs.
  • Detailed Traceability: Capturing package-level details improves shipping accuracy and tracking.
  • Shipping Analytics: Dynamic Ship Analysis app provides insights for shipping optimization.

Seamless Integration: Dynamic Ship seamlessly integrates with U.S. Xpress Inc.’s comprehensive transportation services, creating a harmonious partnership that enhances shipping efficiency and accuracy.

Real-Time Carrier Collaboration: Dynamic Ship establishes real-time carrier collaboration, connecting users directly to U.S. Xpress and over 100 other carriers within Dynamics 365 Business Central. This integration provides instant access to current shipping rates and service options.

Streamlined Shipping Operations: By integrating with Dynamic Ship, U.S. Xpress streamlines shipping operations by eliminating manual entry errors. Shop floor employees can scan packages directly into Dynamics 365 Business Central, reducing errors and saving valuable time and resources.

Accurate Shipping Fees and Package Management: Dynamic Ship ensures accurate shipping fees by considering actual package dimensions. This precision aligns with U.S. Xpress’ commitment to excellence, enabling shipments to be accurately priced based on weight, dimensions, and destination. Enhanced package management further ensures shipping accuracy.

Branded Tracking and Customer Service: The integration extends to the customer experience, with Dynamic Ship providing real-time shipment updates, branded tracking pages, and accurate shipping notifications. This aligns with U.S. Xpress’ dedication to customer satisfaction, allowing businesses to offer branded tracking, delivery estimates, and consistent shipping updates.

In summary, Dynamic Ship’s integration within U.S. Xpress Inc.‘s services elevates traditional shipping solutions. It enables real-time rate shopping, enhances package management, and aligns with U.S. Xpress’ values of efficiency and customer service, ultimately revolutionizing the shipping process.


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