Production Puffin

Production Puffin

Career Overview

Production Puffin joined Insight Works in 2020 as the brand ambassador for Shop Floor Insight, an app for Dynamics 365 Business Central designed to streamline shop data input for time, material, quality, and more. With a keen focus on manufacturing, our brand ambassador is dedicated to helping manufacturers reduce labor costs and minimize data entry errors by promoting the use of barcode scanners and touch screens.

Mission and Impact

As a brand ambassador, Production Puffin strives to assist manufacturers in enhancing their efficiency and productivity. By championing the adoption of Shop Floor Insight, this brand ambassador plays a crucial role in helping businesses save time and resources while improving the accuracy of their data. Through continuous collaboration with industry experts and a relentless commitment to innovation, he has become a symbol of modern manufacturing excellence.

Industry Events and Appearances

Like all of Insight Works’ brand ambassadors, Production Puffin can be found on the exhibition floor at all major Dynamics 365 Business Central events. With his charismatic presence and unwavering enthusiasm for shop floor data collection, Production Puffin is an influential figure in the Dynamics 365 Business Central community.

Personal Life and Hobbies

When Production Puffin isn’t spreading the message of efficient shop floor data collection, he enjoys engaging in his favorite puffin pastimes. A true outdoor enthusiast, he loves fishing in the open waters, soaring through the blue skies, and digging holes in the ground. He also cherishes spending quality time with his family, including his puffling, strengthening the bonds that make them a tight-knit unit.

Work-Life Balance

Production Puffin embodies the perfect work-life balance, demonstrating that hard work and dedication can coexist with enjoying the pleasures of life. As he continues to make a significant impact in the world of manufacturing and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, our brand ambassador serves as an inspiration for both professionals and puffins alike.

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