MxAPS Automated Finite Capacity Production Scheduling for Manufacturing Operations


Designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Drive Manufacturing Excellence with Advanced Finite Capacity Scheduling in Business Central.

MxAPS revolutionizes production planning and scheduling, transforming it from an inaccurate and time-consuming task into a responsive, repeatable, and highly accurate decision support activity. Seamlessly integrating with Dynamics 365 Business Central, MxAPS generates realistic and optimized manufacturing plans to maximize efficiency. With its holistic approach, MxAPS drives operational excellence, improving not only the shop floor but also impacting key areas across your entire business.

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Using MxAPS has streamlined our production planning, improved inventory management, and significantly increased our productivity.
MxAPS has revolutionized our operations with its real-time reporting, flexible scheduling options, and excellent scalability.

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Starting at USD $138.00/month per location

Monthly price shown above is based on an annual subscription. Priced by number of Production Orders that can be scheduled simultaneously. Starting price allows 75 orders to be scheduled at one time. Annual subscriptions are discounted 8% compared to month-to-month subscriptions. The prices listed for MxAPS are provided for general planning purposes only and should not be considered as definitive quotes. For official pricing and detailed quotes, please consult with an authorized Microsoft Partner.